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TBN: Wayne Goss The Luxury Eye Palette Review

I have almost run out of beauty influencers to follow currently. I was appalled by how Caroline Hirons has been bullying conservative followers on her platforms. I may not be conservative myself, but I respect their point of view and appreciate their value in balanced, inclusive politics and social strategy. I reject zealot agendas on any platform, let alone on a beauty forum. How dare they assume I would like a side of Marx shoved down my throat with my mascara tips in the morning? No. Unfollowing and not buying what they are selling.

Of course, there are great ones out there, still, who deal with things with integrity, compassion and clarity. My favourite such human on social media, Wayne Goss, who also happens to be an amazing make-up artist, released his first eyeshadow palette, the Wayne Goss Luxury Eye Palette. On a U.S. retailer, no less, which means I pay small customs charges (Wayne, there is nobody else I would do this for, you are awesome and a ray of hope for humankind!)

I bought it within 5 minutes of it going live on Beautylish and I could not be happier. I have learned not to expect anything from a product anymore. I have had huge duds even from my favourite brands; it happens. This was no exception, I thought it might have been great, mediocre or blah. I was ready for it all.

I can not stop choosing this in the mornings. This is a six-pan palette with neutral and warm colours. You get a LOT of product here, the pans are very big. They work together perfectly, blend seamlessly, stay true to colour until you decide to take them off and they do not crease in the least, even in 40-degree weather. It was designed for more mature skin, but it would be great for any age.

This. Is. Top. Notch. Stuff.

Any drawbacks? I guess it might not be for you if you don't like this colour theme, however, every skin tone would suit it. Also, you might want more exciting colours, like the bold blues and fuchsias or neons that are de rigueur lately. I am too old for that. I don't get my thrills through my makeup.

This is my smoky, neutral look from this palette:

A little more detail to help you as a guide:

No-lipstick day at work (I wear a mask, so sometimes I just get bored). This is a 5-minute look. Cute but enhancing. I use the black shade to line my eyes.

A little warmer in tone, this look, below, wakes my face up when I'm really tired.

This is a fresher but super-flattering look. Please note, on the second photo below, that I do quite a bit of outer-corner shading.

Top Tip: This palette really took off for me when I remembered Wayne's own tip for using it. In his presentation video, he mentioned that one should not be discouraged by the number of hues. All colours can be mixed to produce the correct tone for each complexion. When I heard this initially, I was dismissive. I don't want to do the work, I want ready colours, easy solutions. But I have backtracked completely on this. I tried it once and have been loving mixing these shadows. My favourite combination is the bottom left orange hue with the top middle one. The first was too warm for me, the latter was too mild. Together, they are perfect for my eye colour and skin. It really could not be easier, there's no hassle to just dipping my brush twice in each pot to get the right colour. Despite the 6 shades. it turns out this has everything I need for office, casual or smoky night-time looks. Needless to say, this is ABSOLUTELY recommended.

The Wayne Goss Luxury Eye Palette is available to buy here

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photo of palette via beautylish.com