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TBN: Vanity Edition- How I Feel About Selfies

(The point of this website is to bring beauty in your life, so today's beauty is the loveliness outside my front door)

I set out to create this website because I had already been writing on Facebook about beauty products worth trying. When those posts grew in popularity, I started getting requests for a formal space on beauty, more and more frequently. It was, indeed, the next reasonable step. What was also reasonable at the time, was to follow the most popular beauty blog format, which involves the blogger showcasing the products on their face and regularly posting looks of the day. That makes perfect sense, after all: the reader gets a good idea of what the product looks like in real life as well as makeup inspiration.

The idea of shooting selfies for my reviews was fine at first. It was only logical and practical. However, a few months in, I started developing an aversion to photographing myself. When I tried to shoot a picture, I always looked sour-faced. I will be brutally honest. When I tried to get a selfie, I couldn't help thinking 'This is SO STUPID'.

And it has only gotten worse, dearest friends. Shooting photos of myself feels so irrelevant, senseless, beyond the limits of practical blogging. I wouldn't even characterise it as just vain, maybe meta-vain or nuclear-vain? It feels absurd and toxic. This is how I feel for my own case- I really enjoy seeing the faces of others on my timeline. At the same time, I am happy getting my picture taken by someone else, I generally love and take care myself more than ever and still keenly follow elaborate daily beauty routines. So the source of this is not self-hate. It's not that I hate my face. I just think trying to look cute for myself in the morning is plain pathetic. My face is just a face. It's no cause for self-celebration and self-exposure to the internet sphere.

I love to write, always, and to be useful to others looking to navigate the endless sea of products. I adore the contact we have! I have made real friends here and wonderfully extended my professional scope. I never tire of tackling one more enquiry in my messages and love to research beauty products and solve problems. I love helping and this is where I thrive. I understand that sometimes a selfie is very useful in a review: it would be equally stupid to deny that in many cases, it makes a point in the article. So, when that case arises, my face will be up there. But mostly not. Still here, just a little less of me on show.

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