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TBN: Travel Heroes Edition- Kevyn Aucoin Volume II Face Palette Review

Packing for upcoming travels is an art form for me. I have found ways to be super-efficient with minimum resources. This mindset then trickles down to other aspects of my everyday life. I now settle for nothing less than perfectly versatile products. Before buying something, especially if the price is higher, I always ask myself: 'Is the quality excellent? Does it give consistently great results? Will I use this often? Will it make my life easier or complicate it? Is is the price justified?'. If the answer to any of these is negative, I don't purchase.

Face palettes are excellent travel companions. Since Charlotte Tilbury's Glow version, my favourite ever, is no longer available, I wanted to find a replacement. I've been lusting after Kevyn Aucoin's contour powders for a long time. They are the most natural-looking hues in the market; after all, he was the king of 'no makeup makeup'. Researching which face palette is right for me this year, I came across the elaborately named 'The Art of Sculpting and Defining Volume II' at Space NK, available to buy here. The reviews were glowing and for a very reasonable price you get 4 full-size pans of illuminating and contouring creams and powders, plus 4 beautiful eyeshadows.

*Clicks, buys*

This is the palette, below:

It comes with genius instructions that I followed and they changed my skin game for ever. Just a tip though: for the face, the instructions work amazingly with the cream versions. The contour powder is brilliant as well but the powder illuminator is less beautiful as a highlighter but very useful as the perfect eyeshadow base.

I was initially troubled at the prospect of using cream formulas. I have always prefered powders because I thought they saved me time. Wrong. If you use an ordinary buffer brush, these are just as easy and quick.

From the very first trial (see result below), I fell in LOVE. These formulas look like you were simply born with better bone structure. You can't tell it's makeup. That's reason enough to place this palette in my Top 10 all-time favourite products. It also made the Haul of Fame because the instructions combined with the products taught me things that have made my life easier, one of the crucial criteria I mentioned initially. Because I shade and illuminate so effectively, my skin looks better and healthier now with far less products than before. Each and every pan is perfect for my face and I need no decision-making time in the morning. This saves me time.

For both looks in these photos I only used the palette, my Tilbury blusher and lipstick, a touch of Bourjois concealer and my Essence mascara. Nothing else. With this palette, your entire makeup routine easily fits in a large wallet.

If I have not been emphatic enough already, I HIGHLY recommend this palette. The quality is impeccable, you get a LOT of product and the price is just right. The Kevyn Aucoin 'Art of Sculpting and Defining Volume II' palette is available to buy here.

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first photo via spacenk.com