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TBN: Super Hyped Products- La Roche-Posay C10 Serum Review

Despite extensive media coverage on the benefits of vitamin C in skincare, it's still unclear to many why we need it; its most significant benefits are long-term and not immediately visible. Vitamin C is your best preventative defence against skin ageing, because it rectifies free radicals and prevents new ones from forming. There are a few short-term benefits as well, however: it helps fade skin discolorations, sun spots, melasma and gives your skin youthful brightness.

My skin cannot usually tolerate vitamin C products. I react to an ingredient often included in vitamin C formulas- I have yet to pinpoint exactly which. My skin turns red, itchy and blotchy and it takes days to calm down. The only products that have worked for me long-term are Lixir's Vitamin C Paste and Sunday Riley's C.E.O. oil.

I have no intense discolorations so I cannot test this serum long-term in that regard. Retinol takes care of all that already. What I wanted to test with this product is:

a) is the content of vitamin C sufficient to benefit your skin and rival more expensive dermoceuticals?

b) is it suitable for sensitive skin like mine?

c) does it offer any visible benefits to the look of the complexion?

First, a few small peeves. This has the same problematic pipette as the Hyalu B5 (a favourite hyaluronic serum from this brand). It's very rounded, does not easily pick up product and is not precise at all. You end up using more product than you need and you have to touch your skin to apply the liquid. My other issue is that I need a lot of product to cover my entire face, (due to the consistency), which means that the bottle won't last long. A generous estimate would be about 6 weeks, no more. At 45 euros retail price (although you can find it discounted online) this puts it firmly on the upper-middle market.

You do get a lot of vitamin C for your buck: it is the second ingredient. It's followed by silicones for smooth delivery and preservation, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, as well as salicylic acid (but it is the penultimate ingredient so there's not much in there). I wish this had the same scent as the Hyalu B5 which is divine. I don't care for the scent of this.

I already know that this is packed full of stabilized vitamin C, so it should effectively protect you. I tested it for 12 days before writing this and had no itchy/blotchy reaction whatsoever. It did dry me out though, despite the hyaluronic acid, and it gave me persistent pimples on the nose. I directly attribute it to this specific product because it was the only new element to my routine and both side-effects promptly went away when I stopped using this serum. Knowing my skin, my best guess would be that this was a lighter form of reacting to yet another vitamin C concoction. I don't believe that La Roche-Posay makes a skin-drying formula and certainly not one that causes pimples. It's less likely the product's fault, it's just not for me.

Word to the wise: this is not an ultra-hydrating serum, so you might be tempted to use more of it to plump up your skin for makeup. Don't. It pills with your foundation and concealer to such an extent, that you need to remove everything and start all over again. But when you apply a moderate amount, it plays well with any foundation, thick or runny.

Would I recommend this?

It's a good formula regarding its potency. The Vitamin C is strong with this one (sorry, Star Wars references are my thing). But it's not for me. I also don't consider it great value-for-money. There are high-strength vitamin C products from the Inkey List or GOW at a quarter of the price. I find no reason to stray from my Lixir and Sunday Riley products.

The La Roche-Posay C10 serum is available to buy here

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