• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Summer Hero Product- Avène Thermal Spring Water

The truest testament to how much I value a product is the number of times I have repurchased it. That's it. I don't care how excited I get by a new beauty find, one thing will determine if it truly stands out: will I buy it again?

My most-bought skincare line is Lixirskin, I have been consistently, madly, in love with it ever since it first came out about 18 months ago. That's why I feel so confident in recommending it; I know what it does very, very well. If, however, I had to pick just one product to pack for the holidays- just one- which would it be? Well, it would be Lixirskin's Universal Emulsion (available here). Sorry, that backfired on me, let's try it again: if I could pack a second one, which one would that be? No other than my 20-year-long holiday companion, that underrated miracle-in-a-bottle, the multi-functional Thermal Water Spray by Avène. I've bought that white bottle so many dozens of times, it's now the stuff of legends.

I discovered it quite by accident. I performed very well as a student at university but I was such a slob with my studying schedule: EVERYTHING had to be done last minute. For the life of me, I could not plan ahead. Which meant that a few weeks before finals, all hell broke loose and I often skipped entire nights of sleep to be able to do it all. Two things helped. Red Bull (may its inventor enjoy glorious blessings in life) and the little bottles of thermal water my dad had stacked in our living room. He traveled extensively then and they kept giving him little care bags on the plane, which included that spray. I started using it to refresh my face when I got too sleepy; that woke me up temporarily. Pretty soon, I noticed my skin was looking pretty amazing despite the horrendous lack of sleep: super-plump, healthy, irritation-free, with a major glow. I realised it was down to the spray and I started packing it with me for the holidays to hydrate my face while suntanning for hours. Yes, friends, I belong to THAT generation.

Please do not mistake this for just any other thermal water. I have tried them all and this is abolutely unique. The others don't come close, they are not in the same league. This is not just a refreshing spray, something to cool you down. This is healing. It gives long-lasting hydration. It nourishes the skin. It's especially beneficial for any sort of irritation, sun burn, rosacea, it will apease your skin very quickly. Just keep spaying and you'll get the genius of this product. And you WILL buy it again.

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photo via aveneusa.com