• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Summer Beauty Routine Edition- Breakdown of Products

It's right around April that my beauty routine starts to fail me. Skincare feels too much and makeup looks heavy. It's comical that this suprises me every year, without fail.

Inner state of disbelief for three days: ' What the *blipity blimp*...?!?.. What is going on with my skin??'

Inner answer on the fourth day: 'Ugh. What's going on is the WEATHER, genius. Time to switch to your summer roster of products'.

The switch happens overnight, it's not a gradual process for my skin. One fine morning, BOOM. Summer mode on. I need lighter skincare and makeup, more hydrating and highly protective toward heat and UV rays. Below, I have listed my breakdown of this year's product changes to give you a general idea of how I adjust to seasonal changes. I will change back to my winter routine in October.

Cleansers: This is the only step I don't change. I use a variety of products but my permanent selection is Lixirskin's Vitamin C Paste for morning (available here) and Electrogel for night (available here), preceded by Garnier's Micellar Water for eye makeup. But, if I'm feeling rich sometimes, I make sure to invest in Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm (available here). After a day at the sea, it brings all the plumpness back to your face, the only cleanser to nourish my dehydration instantly. The pot lasts for months, so it's really not as highly priced as one might originally think.

Serums: My morning serum has been the C.E.O. GLOW oil by Sunday Riley for a long time (available here), I love it and I don't plan on changing it for summer, as it consistently works well. But night serums are completely different: for winter I use high-strength retinols and no acids at all. For summer, I switch to the mild Luna retinol oil and apply every other night (available here). On alternate nights, I mix an acids serum for chemical exfoliation with Lancaster's 365 serum for tissue repair. There are two acids serums I love: the Lixirskin PHA Night Switch (a lovely acids combination, available here) or the Ordinary 10% Lactic Acid serum (so effective, so cheap, available here). I top all my serums with my moisturiser.

Moisturisers: I only use one, morning and night, and I take it around the eyes. I don't use eye creams, they are a waste of money for me. Only if you have under-eye bags does a dedicated eye product make sense, something with caffeine to de-puff. So, one cream for everything for me, which I apply as a final step after my serums or oils. This winter, my go-to was the Darphin Hydraskin Light (widely available in pharmacies and department stores), the only superhero capable of soothing my retinol dryness. Since April, though, I'm off the high-strength retinols, my skin is stabilised and I'm back to my beloved Lixirskin Universal Emulsion (available here). BEST multi-purpose formula out there in my humble opinion; does it all and the price is right.

Makeup: I only change liquid products, because powder eyeshadows, blush and bronzer perform equally well in the summer. I need everything to be lighter in coverage and consistency. I change from my Too Faced Born This Way concealer to the Bourjois Radiance Reveal (why anyone would pay premium price when this brilliant concoction exists is beyond me- it is widely available in department stores). When I'm tired or PMS-ey and my eyes need more camouflage, I go for the beautiful Huda Beauty Overachiever (available here). I apply a very small amount; this is a brightening product but very full coverage. For foundation, Ι have switched from the L’Oréal Infaillible 24h Freshwear (what an unnecessarily long name for great face paint) to something with a high SPF and minimal coverage like the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover (still only sold in Boots, but widely available soon). For days when I need more coverage, the genius SPF 50 It Cosmetics CC Cream does the job perfectly every time (available here).

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photos via https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk