• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Skincare Heroes Edition- Allies of Skin Vitamin C Serum Review

I rue the day my mother passed on to me her expensive taste. I am just livid.

In any blind test, whether it be food, perfume, bags or shoes, I would pick the expensive stuff any day- you can bet money on that. I don't generally indulge, though. Fragrance and pre-loved bags are occasional weak points, yes, but makeup and skincare are always within very reasonable price brackets. There's no big budget to blow when you have a kid to educate.

It's a particular sore point for me, then, when I come across something expensive that I can't afford but I fall *completely* in love with. This time, it was a vitamin C serum, of all things, specifically the 20% by Allies of Skin.

I don't get on well with vitamin C products, I'm allergic to most forms of this active ingredient. I have been using and loving Sunday Riley's C.E.O. Glow oil that gives me all the benefits but no allergies. Vitamin C gives me clearer, bright skin, fades my discolorations and protects from free-radical damage, delaying the aging process. I thought this oil was my holy grail product until I tried this new serum from Allies of Skin.

Holy. Moly. I used the smaller bottle that holds 8ml and I thought, surely, this will last a bit. Well, it lasted only two weeks and, let me tell you friends, I am gutted! I loved this from the first application. It has a thicker gel consistency, you apply a small amount of each cheek and mix with your moisturiser. It's like a primer because it corrects the appearance of skin by filling in pores and mattifying but, unexpectedly, also made a difference on my skin's texture in this short amount of time. I'll be very brief: I look younger with this serum. Fresher, bouncier, firmer, brighter. The full bottle, which at 30ml would last me a month, is 100 euros. I don't allocate 100 euros JUST for the vitamin C product in my regime. I'd rather spend it on my beloved Sunday Riley A+ retinol that is a miracle product for my face.

I would, however, wholeheartedly recommend this for its formula and efficacy to everyone who can easily afford it. I would also recommend it, highly, to anyone allergic to retinol products and needs a powerhouse anti-aging product in their arsenal. This might be an excellent solution for you. If the price were half, I, myself, would buy this forever and ever. The Allies of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten and Firm Serum is available to buy here

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photo via cultbeauty.co.uk