• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Skin Saviours Edition- Avène Cicalfate Review

Remember that smash-hit comedy, 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', where Gus Portokalos used Windex for every problem or ailment? He was never without it and preached that it was a cure-for-all? Well, I have my own cure-for-all, although mine is actually healing and good for you. Every time I travel, it comes with me. I keep one in the bathroom, the kitchen and my night-time table. It's the Avène Cicalfate cream and if you haven't already, you should try it.

My first encounters with Cicalfate were in my husband's medical practice, because it's excellent for healing baby nappy rashes. It takes care of the most sensitive skin, so even newborn babies, that cannot tolerate much, do very well with this one.

I next came across it at my dermatologist's office. I got fractional laser on my sun spots and this was the recommended after-care treatment. It got rid of the spot wounds in two days flat. Which was why, when I severely burned my arm two years ago, I thought of using this to help speed up healing, in conjunction with my prescribed antibiotic cream. Within ten days of intense application, my arm had healed, left only with discolouration.

The last test was my latest cartilage piercing. I have had multiple piercings throughout the years and I don't do well with them. In the end, almost all had to be taken out because they just would not heal. The areas got infected, getting progressively worse. This time, I applied my trusted Cicalfate. On the third night, I was able to sleep on my ear, all night, with absolutely no problem. Within two weeks of application, the piercing had completely healed. I should note that I had pierced the exact spot some years ago and it was a such bad experience. This is such a reliable, effective and versatile product.

P.S. I researched piercing websites for healing tips and I found out that tattoo and piercing artists in France recommend Cicalfate for the healing period, but not anywhere else in the world. Looks like it's the Windex of the French?

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