• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Skin Protectors Edition- The Body Shop Skin Defence Mist Review

I'll be honest, I hate wearing sunscreen products. At worst, it gives me acne. At best, it messes with my makeup and I look very oily, very soon. However, not wearing SPF is not an option. Our skin gets wrinkles almost entirely from the sun. Skin cancer is also on the rise; my own family has been affected.

During the summer, even if we wear a hat, we are exposed to direct, more prolonged sunlight. But what about the winter? Do we still need the dedicated high SPF to protect our face? I use high-dose retinol and my new skin needs to be fiercely guarded. But I have found that for work days I really don't need the summertime powerhouse SPF products. I use moisturisers and foundations with an SPF 30 and my skin is unscathed by sunlight. On the weekends, however, I go for long powerwalks and I need something extra to make sure my retinol face doesn't fall apart. I had recently seen good reviews of a face mist by The Body Shop and decided to try it out.

This is, rather elaborately, named 'Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF 30', which boils down to a spray with antioxidants and an SPF 30. And it does a MARVELLOUS job. I apply it over makeup, I dry it with a fan and it gives me a healthy glow. When I wear my current favourite matte foundation, it's just what I need to finish my face. But when I wear a glowy tinted moisturiser, applying this is in the end it too glowy for my liking, so I lightly powder over it and it looks impeccable. Yesterday, I did a 12k run and not only did my makeup look great by the end if it (I had a luch date in the end of my course), the intense sunlight was no problem. This is an ace product. I am not entirely sure about its skincare claims when ones wears makeup (how could red algae and vitamin C benefit the skin over a full face of makeup?) but as far as its sun protection claims, it certainly does what it says on the tin. It does not break me out, another rarity with my skin and sunscreens. It's small enough to fit my purse and I carry it around in case I'm caught in the sun. Absolutely recommended.

The Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF 30, priced at 24 euros, is available to buy in The Body Shop stores.

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photo via thebodyshop.gr