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TBN: Retinol Edition- Sunday Riley A+ Review

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

This year I embarked on a personal retinol journey, where I decided to thoroughly test three very popular retinols for 10 weeks each. I wanted to chronicle my journey not because every reader would have the same experience; each person's skin is unique. However, I wanted to see if the hype around mythical skincare products is justified and to what extent. Αlso, and please excuse the bluntness: are they worth the money?

So far, I have reviewed Neostrata NAG Complex (you can find the review here) and Drunk Elephant's Passioni (review is here). I stopped the A+ mid-run for a few days, because I started swimming when the weather was good and the retinol dose in it was too strong for high sun exposure. However, amateur science triumphed in the end: the weather is crap again. No swimming in the near future for me, so I resumed my retinol experiment.

I am writing this after 5 full weeks of use, instead of the initially scheduled 10. I will follow up with the final review, of course, but this couldn't wait. As you can imagine, the news are either really bad or really good.

I won't beat around the bush.

Best. Darn. Product. Ever.

Synopsis of my experience with this serum: I apply on cleansed, dry skin, everywhere- including the outer eye area and neck. Leave for 30 minutes, apply moisturiser on top. Go to sleep. Wake up with firmer, brighter, glowy, smooth, health-looking skin. Zero dryness. Zero sensitivity. Zero need for exfoliators, acids, masks. This takes care of everything for me. Best skin I ever had. That simple.

There's no point in waiting for a considerable time period before concluding on a cleanser. It's silly. It either suits your skin or not. But a retinol product is a different story, you need a lot of time. I doubt I'll change my mind on this. This is a very unique formula that gives me consistent results very quickly with absolutely no adverse effects. None. My crow's feet in particular were helped; alas, my smoking days have left their mark. I'll let you know in five weeks' time if we have found the holy grail. Watch this space.

***EDIT: This was used up right after the six week mark. No further, note-worthy observations other than this is an expensive product when you calculate the number of uses per bottle but it is a star in my skincare roster. Will MOST DEFINITELY buy it again next winter. To me, it's worth the money if you can afford it. Such a beautiful, effective product.

The Sunday Riley A+ is available to buy here

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