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TBN: Reluctant Return Edition- Dealing With Life's Swerves

(photo from my mountain hikes during lockdown- the advantages of moving to the country)

My hiatus from TBN started long before the pandemic. Life threw curve balls and beauty issues took a back seat. While I religiously stick to my beauty routine as a comforting way of self-care and decompression, writing about it felt in bad taste, considering the circumstances. Then, the virus hit. Which only solidified my reluctance for beauty talk.

Unexpectedly, I received lots of messages regarding skincare and beauty routines in general. I think it was mainly sparked by the large online discounts available from beauty retailers but maybe this massive, forced hiatus gave us time for self care, or helped people relieve their stress a bit. Maybe it's all of the above. I never give the same answer twice because I consider each person's specific needs: their skin type, the effect they prefer (matte/fresh/glowy), how much effort they are happy to put in, etc. Don't apologise; ask away, it's my pleasure to try to help. I did not expect people to turn to beauty during the lockdown, but that they did; beauty sales were reportedly booming.

I made few, careful and calculated purchases because our financial reality is facing a rude awakening in the coming months. I bought what I needed and was going to buy anyway, plus some rare, very affordable luxuries. The amount of thought that went into each purchase paid off. Most things I purchased were a great success, very few duds. Reviews to follow in the coming weeks.

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know about my handbag hobby. During lockdown, I reviewed my collection (evaluated each piece, sold, swapped, flipped to upgrades) and monitored the luxury market closely (apart from a lifelong passion, this was my line of work for a long time). In light of the new reality of luxury goods (big houses have raised prices by about 20%), I have found a new passion in renovating vintage finds. I clean, condition, renovate, dye them with the best dyes in the market, change straps, etc. I'll post about my recent projects plus how I got gucci-scammed and learned my lesson never to buy outside authenticating re-sale platforms.

My first review will be an affordable gem of a moisturiser. Stay tuned and stay safe.

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