• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: One Palette for Every Occasion Edition- Nars Skin Deep Review

I used to be a one-and-done girl. You know the deal: only one eyshadow in the mornings and off to work (ok, plus blusher and mascara in front of the elevator mirror or the office loo).

Ever since I moved to the country though, I have been blessed with what we, city folk, could ever only hypothesize exists: the magical gift of time. Yes, I work longer hours than ever, but my everyday commute is three minutes. So, my mornings now include 15 minutes of relaxed make-up application, while chatting with my son and listening to the news. Heaven.

I had been looking for a good neutrals palette but to no avail. All made me look, well, dead. They didn't flatter me in the least. I persisted in my search because I was bored of warm shadows all the time.

I booked an appointment at Selfridge's with Nars (future post about it coming soon). I wanted to test their Skin Deep palette, a mix of neutral mattes and shimmers that I hoped would finally work on me. A beautiful woman called Jasmine (find her on Instagram here) made up my eyes and I was blown away. For the first time, I didn't sneak off to the nearest ladies' to correct something I loathed. She knocked it out of the park. I bought the palette straight away because I loved the colours on me; they were ultra-flattering, seriously chic and versatile. It is available to buy here.

I have only used this palette, and nothing else, for the past month. Every day I create a different look, the possibilities are endless. All are very flattering to the complexion. I use ALL the colours in the palette equally, a first for me. That means nothing goes to waste in the palette and I got my money's worth. Nars have edited the selection here so tightly, that all colours serve a different, useful purpose. If you're looking for just one palette to cover you for all occasions- work, travel, school meetings, evening, party- I would absolutely recommend this. A lot of stockists have run out currently, but I found it at Space NK, still available to buy here. You will need nothing else. I recently uploaded a video tutorial using it and will follow with more. Below, you can find photos of my everyday looks using this palette.

P.S. With this one, I admit to going back to my old habits: I sometime use just one eyeshadow with mascara and I love the result. These colours work for everyone; both relaxed, country folk and time-poor, city dwellers alike.

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first photo via Space NK