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TBN: Oily/Combination Skin Edition- A Moisturiser That Regulates Oiliness

This review is particularly interesting to me. I used to have oily skin and now it's combination, which means it gets oily and dry in different parts of the face. It is normal only when I use very high doses of retinol. But I use low doses at the moment because I have no patience for the peeling and irritation of the full-on retinol face. In order to treat my face's dry/oily needs, I always choose more hydrating products to soothe the dry areas and blot the oily areas with tissue paper twice a day. In the morning, before my moisturiser, I also wear vitamin C oil. It's the only way I've found to stabilise my sun spots from getting darker. This, inevitably, further adds to the oiliness.

Great news! I have found a moisturiser that helps all of that by normalising my sebum secretion throughout the day. No oiliness in sight, despite the vitamin C oil underneath.

Dr. Roebuck's Nuddy cream feels very rich when you first apply it. It's the most super-charged cream in the popular Australian line, intended for more mature skin.

Using this required a learning curve. The first time was funny. I worked the rich cream in with my fingers and.. it completely disappeared! It's as if I had nothing on my skin. Very weird. Then, I tried to apply my foundation and it seemed trickier to work in than usual, slightly sticky. But it blended beautifully. This cream forms an imperceptible film on the skin which makes for an excellent make-up base. But that's not all. My skin glows all day, without turning oily. What? My dry patches are hydrated all day. What?? As I found out later, there's even a hashtag on Instagram about the glow you get from Dr. Roebuck's products: #roeglow

This does something I've never seen before. It regulates oiliness and dryness at the same time. Amazing for makeup on top. The star in this formula is castor seed oil, with clinically proven anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It regenerates, evens out skin tone and despite a high content of beneficial fatty acids, it has a very low comedogenic score. Which means even acneic skin can use this without fear of a break-out.

It's a great performer. For those kind of impressive results, we used to rely exclusively on serums. However, lately, I've noticed a trend: I've tested moisturisers that are very effective in addressing multiple skin needs. Goldfaden MD's Vital Boost (which is too expensive for me to use exclusively, but since it contains vitamin C, I skip the morning oil), Sevenea's Protective cream, now this. I think companies are focusing their efforts into creating one product that will do it all and replace multiple beauty steps. I think they are preparing for consumers' beauty fatigue. People do love self care, I'm the first one to preach it. But who has time for a million steps each day? Just how much time per day is self care and when does it cross over to obsessive grooming? That is completely subjective, of course, but having one cream to do it all in the morning, and another for night, would be heaven for a lot of people. Besides, if I am right, and this is indeed a trend, it will benefit our beauty budget as well.

I looked into reviews after writing this and noticed that consumers with dry skin also love it. I cannot attest to that, but as far as oily /combo goes, this would currently be my number one suggestion. The Nuddy cream falls firmly within the 'clean' beauty category, all the brand's products do, and it is available to buy here

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