• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Neutral Makeup Edition- Too Faced Natural Nudes Palette Review

I used to be a warm eyeshadows kind of girl. Cool shadows just make my face look flat and two dimensional, no matter how much I try to make them work for me. When I came across the best neutral palette of all time, (in my opinion, obviously- there's no such thing as a palette pageant), I jumped ship. Neutrals are the best, as it turns out, because they look much more natural on the face than warm hues. And that's something I value more and more as I mature.

When I saw the new release by Too Faced this winter (maximalistically called 'Born This Way The Natural Nudes Skin-Centric Eyeshadow Palette'), I thought I had finally found the palette to dethrone my Nars one. I have now been using it for months and I can safely conclude that it was not what I expected it to be.

The colour story is my definition of perfection: all the mattes and shimmers I adore and use on a daily basis, gathered in one palette. I was so excited to receive it and COVID delays and quarantine amplified the sentiment. I have used it extensively and have now abandoned it altogether. It's not for me. Which does not mean to say it's not for you; please allow me to explain.

First, the good. The eyeshadows are maginificent in their blendability and they work together impeccably. Soft, seamless. Very easy to apply on the lid, no patches.

Now, for the bad. The colours are not the same on the skin as they appear on the pan. Both shimmers and mattes are not as pigmented as you might imagine. On my lid, they appear as a softer wash of colour, giving a pretty, natural, very discreet look. No matter how much you pile the colour on, it does not build up to much. I am not a very dicreet kind of gal. I said in the beginning on this post that I appreciate the more natural look of neutrals, but I still want my makeup to show up in a substantial way. In the photo below, you can see the most intense sparkly look I can get with this palette. Ideally, I would want that lid to GLOW UP. Instead, it's cute, soft. Meh.

Would I recommend it? If you are like me, obviously no. The Nars Skin Deep still reigns supreme in this category. If, however, and this is a frequent compaint I receive on email, you find Nars shadows too intense and pigmented, then this is your saviour. You literally cannot apply too much of these shadows. You can experiment freely with them, without fear your eye look will turn 'too much'. With this palette that's impossible. The 'Born This Way The Natural Nudes Skin-Centric Eyeshadow' Palette is available to buy here

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photo via cultbeauty.co.uk