• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Natural Skin Edition- No7 Lift & Luminate Review

This will be short and sweet. This product is either excellent or meh, depending on where you stand on foundations.

If you're into flawless skin, move along: there's nothing to see here. This will not cover your imperfections or give you glass skin. If you think tinted moisturisers are a waste of your time, let me tell you: this is exactly that. The term 'foundation' is pushing it when it comes to this product. I also find the name is completely off point. It's called 'Lift& Luminate'. It neither lifts nor luminates. Nothing that comes in a bottle is able to lift, only a facelift or subdermal threads can do that. I wish brands would, finally, quit that term for good. It's misleading and not true. This product gives me the most natural finish, but not luminating in any way. It is best described as 'healthy'. And this is where this product excels. I apply it with fingers and it instantly melts into my skin. No brush-buffing required. This makes me look healthier and more well-rested but it's like I have literally nothing on. It has an SPF15 which is not high but always a wonderful bonus.

Is this product for me? No, I like more coverage. However, I do enjoy using it in the mornings and will continue to do so because I look better, super fast, with no blending at all. I would probably not repurchase but that does not mean it is not a thoroughly enjoyable product (and at £18, very well priced too). My mum likes her makeup invisible, so this is right up her alley. For anyone with that kind of taste, this is absolutely recommended.

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photo via https://www.boots.com/