• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Natural Makeup Edition- Trinny London Review

On my recent trip to London, I landed and headed straight to Fenwick (instead of Liberty, my temple). Why? I couldn't wait to try Trinny London's full range. I knew this line is not aimed at me, a devoted makeup lover who puts on a full face of glam every morning. No, this is aimed at women that want to look polished but natural. Who want to keep their makeup routine fuss-free and under 5 minutes in the morning. With Trinny's products you can make up your entire face in a few minutes, using only your fingers: no brushes. These are stored in small pots that click together and form super-practical and portable stacks. I wrote all about this range in a recent brand overview where I wrote my suggestions on their superb eyeshadows and lip colours; you can find it here

As I wrote in my original article, her skin products don't appeal to me currently, as I am going through my glam period. But friends, you know I had to investigate nonetheless (teeheehee..) The Trinny stand at Fenwick was mercifully quiet that day, so I played around with everything and was very impressed by the quality and formulas. This is a line that could be described by two words: 'understated chic'.

Products are displayed in concentric spinning wheels, which makes things fun, quick and easy. I LOVED the eyeshadows and lip/cheek tints but I decided to buy the skin products to thoroughly test them at home. I got the Trinny BFF Cream (a hybrid product that's an SPF 30, a colour corrector and primer, all in one), the Miracle Blur (a primer that erases all pores in one step) and the BFF Eye (their new concealer).

When I first used them, I had two main reactions. The first was 'ooooh I don't know about this, I feel naked without my foundation and glow primers' and the second was 'oooooh I love how I look like I have nothing on and very healthy'. Let me break it down for you:

The BFF for the face smells lovely and hydrates supremely. The high SPF is non-detectable, a MAJOR plus. This is an excellent primer for skin but it did not 'perfect' my skin in any way. It's just a beautiful hydrator and sun protector. Same with friends I tried it on, my own age, and my mother: this does not correct your tone, as it promises, but its advantages are considerable. Would I recommend it? If you don't like face SPFs because of their texture and skip using them, then get this. You'll LOVE it.

The Miracle Blur is very appropriately named. It's a magical product. You only need a tiny amount. Rub it gently around you nose and wherever you have texture issues and this airbrushes your skin completely. We're talking baby-skin smoothness here. It's what all other pore primers would like to be, like the Benefit Porefessional, but are not. I loved it so, but when I saw how much my mother adored it for her lip lines, it was gifted immediately. She deserves it more than me.

The BFF Eye is a lovely concealer. Very light and brightening, completely natural-looking. It reminded me a lot of the Glossier Stretch concealer. It applies very easily with your fingers. My only concern is that it didn't last all day on me, it needed refreshing after a few hours. It wasn't bad at all but it wasn't impeccable. That to me is a deal-breaker; I need *perfect* makeup that lasts all day (I'm not asking much, am I?).

The BFF face products are not for me, because they are not my style. I like flawless makeup and while I always strive to have a soft look, I can assure you, it's never 'natural'. I'm so used to multi-layering different products to ensure my makeup stays in place all day long, that every morning feels like restoring the Sistine Chapel. Even though I achieve this in ten minutes, it's not for everyone. My best friend and my mother, however, my guinea pigs for this line, both adored the products. My mother who ended up with all of them, swears by them now. Note: this is a woman who's always used one hundred different beauty products to look as if she has nothing on, so she loves the simplicity of Trinny.

Would I recommend? Yes. They are high-quality products with beautiful formulas.

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