• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Mascara Edition- L'Oréal Lash Architect Mascara Review

'I'm all set with my beauty routine. But how is there not a good, affordable mascara around? Isn't it ridiculous to pay 30 euros for a mascara that dries out in a month?'. This, from my ultra-glamorous friend the other day, that knows everything there is to know around beauty but STILL hasn't zeroed in on the perfect, affordable mascara. My own personal favourite, the Essence Volume Stylist Curl & Hold isn't good on her. There are no guarantees when it comes to mascara.

Anyway, I'm on a quest now. My friend intrigued me to find more great, cheap ones out there. It makes the biggest difference to the face and is enough to wear on its own, so it's worth posting more about it in the future. My first pick was not exactly cheap, but within the affordable range, at 12 euros. I've ranted before about 'drugstore' prices, that get more expensive by the day. L'Oréal certainly leads that trend. Here comes a second rant: after the smashing success of their Lash Paradise mascara, the brand thought it was a great idea to a) raise the price (17 euros currently), and b) put only 5ml of product in the tube. Bad form L'Oréal. Bad form. The Lash Architect, a mascara from the same company, is priced at 12 euros and contains 10 ml, the industry standard. Rant over, it gets good from now on.

The company's superstar product, the Lash Paradise, was just ok on me and dried up in less than a month (although, now that I know the quantity in the tube, I suspect I just used it up). I am not a fan. My favourite from the brand until now has been Val Garland's brainchild, the Unlimited Mascara, but I use it as a second coat because it's too *VAVAVOOM*, even for me. The Lash Architect, on the other hand, is a wonderful surprise. The lashes it gives me hit the right spot: they look fake but not too fake- I know you know what I'm talking about. Two coats majorly boost length, curl and volume. It lasts all day with minimal flaking, no smudging. It does not harden the lashes like many 'false lash effect' products do and it washes off very easily at night. It strikes an excellent balance. One downside: the product on the wand dries up before I get a chance to work on individual lashes after the second coat, something I like to do. I learned to work faster, so I work around that. First experiment in the mascara saga has been a success, I would highly recommend this. Below is a photo of two coats of Lash Architect.

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