• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Marvellous Mascaras Edition- Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Volume 2 vs. Benefit They'Real

A great mascara used to be something you couldn't get for cheap, but, oh, how things have changed. Drugstore formulas are so good in recent years in fact, that I'm not even curious about high-end options. If I can get my lashes looking fabulous for 3 euros with an Essence mascara, why pay more?

When Charlotte Tilbury launched her Lengendary Lashes Volume 2 mascara last year, I admit I was VERY tickled. In the end, I didn't purchase it because I invested more in exploring new skincare. Every penny counts, right? But I was recently sent a tube of it to try, and on the same week, I also received the Benefit They're Real mascara. Surely, a sign that I must investigate.

I know I write about expensive beauty products all the time, but, friends, I must assure you that I only do so when they are worth it. I am very reluctant to recommend a high-end product when I know there is an affordable alternative available and when I do, I always divulge the dupe as well. Oh dear, in this case I'm in trouble. I am seriously considering jumping the drugstore mascara ship. These are SO GOOD. I would rate both a solid 9/10 (I have yet to find a perfect 10 mascara). But while they do a great job, they do a different job- so read on to pick the right one for you. The photos below show you the real-life end result with each product.

The CT mascara is a dream to put on from the very first application. What you get is a very full flutter: crazy volume but in a very natural way. Length is also boosted but not to an extreme degree. Between the two, this is my favourite one because I get impressive, Bambi lashes without them looking supernatural. It lasts all day and does not budge. The LL V2 mascara is available to buy here

This is another love. This gives me such volume and serious LENGTH that they look like fake lashes. Like the Tilbury mascara this performs in an excellent manner. Very durable, very long-lasting, no smudges. If you want a false lash effect this is the first one to truly achieve that for me (and I wore the YSL False Lash Effect for years). When I wear this, my lashes are so long, they touch my eyelids. A bit much for work but so beautiful, nevertheless. 'They're Real' mascara is available to buy here

While I did pick favourites here, the truth is I was hard-pressed to choose. These are different but equally amazing formulas and I continue to use them on rotation. I recommend both, it goes without saying.

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photos via cultbeauty.com