• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Hourglass Seasonal Edits- Are They Worth The Money?

You may have noticed that I'm all about the value-for-money aspect of products. I LOVE a bargain. I splurge occasionally, but only on truly unique products (niche fragrances have been my financial ruin). There is also a maximum amount I'm willing to pay for each specific category; this is completely subjective and obviously reflects what I consider important. For example, I would budget more for fragrance, because I am a crazy fraghead. On the other hand, I would NEVER pay 100 dollars (or over!?!) for an eyeshadow palette (Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona I love you, but no). Face powders are somewhere in between. I love the Airbrush from Charlotte Tilbury but the IT Cosmetics powder is nearly identical for half the price, so it's a no-brainer.

I knew Hourglass powders must have been epic; there is no way a brand could have achieved such mythical status without true merit. But was I willing to spend 90 euros on their seasonal palette? For face powders? No. After years of resisting, and quite by accident, Hourglass have grabbed hold of me- and it's a passionate love affair. I found their last Ghost Edit palette hugely discounted on cultbeauty and I bought it. It's now one of the most prized pieces in my makeup collection. I never reviewed it here because it was no longer available.

This year, they came out with the Ambient Lighting Edit- Sculpture . Three shades are the same as last year, their best-selling face powders on the top row, and a new bronzer and two blushers on the bottom row.

In the first two weeks of using my palette, I didn't get it. I didn't see anything special about it. Then, the lockdown happened and I started wearing much lighter face makeup; a light, topical application of foundation and concealer. This is where these products shine: in the more natural side of things. Their powders are so finely milled and ethereal that they make your skin look luminous (not oily), young and fresh. I initially applied them over a heavy coat of foundation, so what could these discreet formulas possibly contribute to an already heavy canvas? Go light with your foundation and leave the rest up to these little wonders to bring out your face in the best possible way. The bronzer and blushes last all day, the face powders are the fastest route to a perfected compexion. I was underwhelmed initially by the size, I expected it to be larger. But these last a really long time, I'm not even half-way through them and I've had them for more than six months. It's better value-for-money than I thought. However, when my palette is used up, I will absolutely buy the next one, full price, no question about it. I have travelled with only this for my face and I loved my looks every time. These sell out very quickly, so keep that in mind.

The 'Ambient Lighting Edit- Sculpture' palette is available to buy here (and for a limited time you can get 15 pounds discount at spacenk here)

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