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TBN: Hot New Beauty- Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Collection Review

I haven't been excited about a product launch in a very long time. When I do, it most often involves a Charlotte Tilbury product, so no surprise there. Her last launch, the Super Model lipsticks was not for me: I already had several shades close to them so I didn't buy any.

By the time this new Hot Lips 2 collection was available for early purchase, I had studied the shade range and knew which ones I would go for. All colours are very wearable and well thought-out, this edit is watertight. There's not a mediocre shade in the entire selection, so picking was not an easy task. I already have an extensive collection of her matte lipsticks (one of the very first articles on this website was my Top 5 of Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks read here)

This time, I decided to buy three nudes in the shiny formula, called K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Let's not beat around the bush: I have already ordered the next shades. Yes, dearest friends, that good. They are creamy and stable, do not bleed out of my lines, bring out my complexion and make my lips look twice the size (although for that, you will need to also line with her lip liner).

JK Magic, below:

In Love With Olivia, below:

Glowing Jen, below:

The Matte Revolution formula lasts for many hours on me and I don't ever need to refresh until I eat in the early afternoon. This K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula lasts very well on me for about 4 hours. That makes them the champions of satin formulas, as I usually need to reapply within an hour, at the latest.

Please do not rely on the photos on the website to decide if the colour is right for you. They are not true to the real colour. To fix this, CT have incorporated a video in most, but not all, colours on the website. That is much more accurate to what you will receive in real-life. Take a look at how different Red Hot Susan looks in the photos than the video right underneath them, here. It's a lot more wearable and sweet than the studio photos. Take the time to check the videos in order to decide correctly, these are not inexpensive products. If there is no video, google your desired colour, the beauty community has posted many different photos. God bless those beauty peeps🙏

The colours in this collection are split into her two formulas as follows:

Matte Revolution formula (matte):

Amazing Amal, 'an elegant soft, berry pink', available here

Viva La Vergara, 'a soft-wine shade', available here

Red Hot Susan, 'a wearable, accessible tawny-orange red', available here

Carina's Star, 'a modern peach soft coral', available here (please note that the website has the incorrect video in this colour). This, to me, is the absolute stand-out in the entire collection. In real life, it is an ultra-chic, wearable, juicy salmon colour, suitable for any skin tone. I have already included it in my second order.

Patsy Red, 'an iconic, statement red lipstick', available here

K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula (satin, shiny):

Dancefloow Princess, 'a cool, ’60s, pop pink', available here

Glowing Jen, 'a tawny beachy rose, pictured on me above', available here

JK Magic, 'a peachy nude-rose', pictured on me above, available here

Angel Alessandra, 'a sunset, peachy nude' (an unusual, spectacular shade, my second favourite for the range), available here

In Love With Olivia, 'pretty in pink, a luscious lip look', pictured on me above, available here

There's also Enigmatic Edward, a clear lip treament, available here

I must insist that you consider buying one of her Lip Cheat lip pencils to wear with these. They make a world of difference to the plumpness of your lips and the longevity of the lipstick colour. You need to take my word for it. I lined all three above with her Pillow Talk pencil, a perfect match for any nude colour. You can actually buy them together with a small discount on the website, like this In Love With Olivia set, here

For the first time, the lipsticks bullets are not her usual Art Deco, rose-gold ones. There are five new collectible lipstick cases, all uniquely beautiful and environmentally conscious. For the first time, they are refillable. You can buy refills in any of the colours at a much reduced price. When you buy that first one, though, you can't yet pick a case to go with your desired colour. They are each assigned to a colour, which is a shame. It would be great to be able to choose your desired combination of case and colour.

If the beauty of these lipsticks was not enough to convince you to buy them, then it's important to know this: Charlotte Tilbury has pledged one million pounds from the sale of this line to Women For Women, an organization that educates and empowers women in areas of war and conflict. A noble reason to buy a lipstick if I ever heard one.

So, do I recommend these?

They are the best formula to ever have touched my lips and I'm on my second order, if that's any indication.

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photos via charlottetilbury.com