• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Glossier Edition- Visit to the London Pop-Up Store and Thoughts

I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't like Glossier. I didn't like the 90's the first time around. Why would I want to revisit its makeup?

That's exactly what Glossier is to me: makeup we regarded as 'cool' and 'fresh' in the 90s. Convinced that I was missing some kind of point, I visited the London pop-up store, a few weeks before lockdown when frivolity still held 'to-do' status. Since it's re-opening its doors soon, you might find my impressions useful.

I was determined to finally discover the reason for the brand's cult following, so I looked for products that would stand out. Alas, no. What I tried here has been done before, many (many) times. The unique exception is the Stretch Concealer which is excellent and I recommend to everyone over 35. Other than that, I might as well been listening to the Spice Girls, wearing Buffalo boots and short-shorts.

I must sound like a grinch but, if you have followed me long enough, you know I never nag. I usually see the positive in everything but this whole thing just got on my nerves. Is cute wallpaper supposed to distract me from the fact that the products are over-hyped?

My inner dialogue was immediate and thunderous: 'Lip crayons? Liquid blush? Skincare for teenagers? Why am I here??'

Of course, there is solid stuff here, like their cult product, the Boy Brow. But I find it entirely unremarkable after using brow mascaras by MAC, Nudestix, Charlotte Tilbury et al. Its brush is too chunky for me. Oh, I do love the Lidstar eyeshadows, their finish and colours. That's it.

I cringed at all the metallic tubes: having to always touch the nozzle and then apply with your fingers on your face, is unhygienic. In the year 2020 we know better than that, coronavirus aside.

I was bamboozled by social media, once again, into buying Futuredew, a serum/oil hybrid. My beauty goddess Caroline Hirons said to run and get it. Don't I already know that what works on a certain skin may be utterly awful on another? Caroline means no harm of course, this was entirely my own fault. I should have tried it first. There's nothing futuristic about Futuredew; there is LOTS of dew, however. I look like an oil slick. I tried one instead of the recommended two pumps, still horrendously oily.

There are stations scattered around the store with the same selection of products, so that visitors are diffused in the area. When a sales assistant is helping you, they are helping only you because they complete all order steps themselves: they take the order, you enter your details on their tablet, you pay them on the spot and then go to the back room where you wait to be called and collect your bubble-wrapped things.

Is a visit to the pop-up store recommended, now that stores are slowly opening? If you're into Instagram-able decoration, absolutely. If you're a beauty purist like me and you only care about product, no.

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