• Anastasia Pentias

TBN- Future of Beauty Edition- Microneedling Patches

After embarking on my retinol journey, I'm not easily impressed with other skincare. The difference in my skin with retinol has been very impressive. Due to merciless sunbed use in my 20's, I had pronounced crow's feet around my eyes by age 35. I was very relieved when Botox helped me look my age again, but I had to repeat the treatments every six months. Thanks to a strategic and systematic retinol regime, I am now at 8 months with no Botox and no signs of eye-cracks yet.

I briefly wrote about microneedling (also known as dermarolling) in my recent article about acne scarring. The concept of microneedling is simple but effective: causing tiny puncture wounds to your skin's surface kick-starts the skin's regenerative process and allows active ingredients to reach deeper into the skin's layers. However, I have concerns regarding how safe it is for home use. I practice what I preach: I don't dermaroll at home yet. For now, I would only trust a doctor or aesthetician to do that for me. In the future, I will probably do it myself but there are about one hundred things that can go wrong with your skin's health if you don't uphold clinical conditions when dermarolling (ex-acne sufferers like me are scared of staph infections for life).

Enter an intriguing new beauty entry: microneedling patches for home use. Adhesive patches with water-soluble microneedles made of active ingredients. They dissolve when they reach into your skin, delivering that anti-aging skincare goodness more deeply and more effectively than normal skincare can. They also prompt the skin to regenerate through the tiny punctures they cause before they dissolve. You apply them on cleansed, dry skin and leave them on overnight. Easy peasy.

These are not a replacement for treatments at your doctor's. Mesotherapy and microneedling at your dermatologist is a lot more potent and long-lasting. However, if going to the derm is not a priority for you, then these are an excellent alternative to super-boost your archives and treat specific areas. Below, you will find the two that are most interesting to me because of their ingredients. I plan to use them and update you.

The most interesting product, to me, is Peace Out Wrinkles. This brand already sells acne-treating patches that acne sufferers wax lyrical about on social media. I have expectations, not least because of their before and after photos on Instagram. Their microneedles are made or retinol, peptides and vitamin C, a well-rounded arsenal of wrinkle busters. They are available to buy at Sephora stores in Europe and the U.S.A.

The second product I'm interested in are the Vice Reversa Micro-Needling Plumping Patches. These are made with hyaluronic acid, amino acids and peptides; a powerhouse ingredients-list for tissue repair and reconstruction. I am SO itching to click on that buy button but it's not on my spending schedule yet. I have budgeted for imminent London buys, so these will wait. The Vice Reversa patches available to buy here

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photos via https://peaceoutskincare.com/ and victoriahealth.com