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TBN: Fresh Makeup Edition- The New Smokey Eye

A purple eye look is nothing new, but in the last year there's been a fresh twist in this makeup colour family. It's the bordeaux eyeliner (also known as berry, plum, burgundy, maroon etc.). While we had a huge selection of such eyeshadows to pick from, the only thing that came close to this in the past was a purple khol pencil. This is entirely different. This new hybrid is a reddish brown, matte or shimmery, that accentuates all eye colours without looking harsh. It's the softer sister of a smokey eye, it suits all complexions and is very wearable day or night. I also find it more chic than the regular black liner. I admit I prefer it on darker skin- it softly accentuates the gaze on another level. But, still, with light skin, I wear it almost daily too.

These are my top four picks below:

1. Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner in Bordeaux (suitable for all skin tones, but especially for brilliant for medium and dark skin). I love this SO much: the perfect rich, jewel-toned shade, but it's only available to buy from her own website and not her retail stockists. Why, WHY, Victoria, must you make me pay customs for Greece delivery? If it does not show up on one of her EU stockists (net-a-porter.com and cultbeauty.co.uk), I'm definitely biting the bullet very soon. For now, it's available to buy here

2. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeliner this looks much darker than it actually is. On me it was less flattering than on the gorgeous olive-skinned sales associate that showed it to me. For this one, I say the darker the better. It's a one-of-a-kind colour, though, a lighter hue that's very sweet and mellow, so you might want to try it anyway. It's available to buy here

3. Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Mesmerizing Maroon this is up my alley, it makes my hazel eyes pop and look super green. This pencil has two ends, one matte, one metallic, for perfect burgundy looks and lots of options. It is available to buy here

4. Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Rust An eyeshadow/eyeliner, this is much chubbier than the others. For a more precise line, sharpen it or apply with a eyeliner brush. I would recommend this to anyone, both makeup enthusiasts and minimalists alike. It's buttery-soft to apply, gives you plenty of time to work it in with your fingers until it sets. Nobody seems to know how to sharpen this because it looks hard and plastic but it's very simple; you just use a regular large sharpener. It is available to buy here

I saved this for last so I could insert my suggestions on how to wear this colour. If you want a more modern look, just smudge around the eye, like in this first photo. I've smudged with my fingers around the lids and in the crease, upward and outward, to lift the eye.

However, if you feel it's too much for you or it makes your eyes look tired, you can smudge it on the lid and then line with your regular liquid black liner, like I have done below. I love this twist, I feel it softens the eyes. It's covertly sexy.

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photos via cultbeauty.com and victoriabeckhambeauty.com

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