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TBN: Foundations Edition- CT Airbrush Flawless Foudation Review

If there's one thing to know about me and makeup is that I'm a die-hard Charlotte Tilbury fan. It's my favourite brand ever and she's my favourite beauty person; I like her products and her fabulous mindset alike. Understandably, every new launch feels like Christmas to me but my love of value-for-money beauty is greater than my fangirling of Charlotte. Occasionally, there are duds. For example, her recent Hot Lips 2 collection had AMAZING colours and performance but her beautiful cases (that are meant to be re-filled) scratch easily, looking awful within weeks. What a shame. The latest release from CT, a full-coverage foundation, is also unfortunate, bizarelly so. Let me explain.

I ordered the Airbrush Flawless Foundation on the very first minute of the very first day of early-access on the website. I was that sure I was going to love it. Her other two foundations are great on me, how could this be any different? This comes with HUGE claims on her website:

''Charlotte’s ground-breaking Airbrush Flawless Foundation is where makeup magic meets skincare science!


From Magic REPLEXIUM® to VISIBLY reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 22% over 8 weeks*, to MossCellTec No1 that boosts hydration levels by 216% in just one hour*''

I gave this one week of exclusive wear. Alas, it does not work and it's not for lack of trying. I tested it in every way possible: with CT's own Magic Cream, with hydrating primer, with blurring primer, with her Hollywood Flawless Filter primer, with full coverage concealer, with light concealer: IT. DOES. NOT. WORK. In certain spots it looks good but my pores are always exaggerated, my smile lines are perma-cracked, my skin looks made up and heavy. I used as little product as possible (less than a pump is all you need to fully cover your entire face, which means that the bottle will last quite a while). Still cakey, still heavy, this gives you an artificial skin look and not in a good way. You just look like you have makeup on, in a very '80s manner. I can see it sitting in my pores around the face.

Regarding the claims:

The wrinkle-reducing efffect: How? It cracks on the skin giving you wrinkles you really do not yet have.

The hydration levels: Nope. Dry as dust. These big claims are bizarre to me, why make them at all? They are not true.

I watched and read many beauty influencers' reviews of this product and I was honestly bewildered. Surely they desire to stay in the good graces of the brand because this product is not worth the hype. I wish they wouldn't do that. This product is expensive and it's not fair to your followers to speak so highly of something you know is not ideal for that price.

The benefits of this foundation is that it lasts many hours and it is the first truly transfer-proof foundation I've used. That is it.

I will keep this and try it again when winter comes. Full coverage foundations tend to perform better on my skin in cold weather, so if a miracle happens, I'll let you know straight away. Yet another effort to make this work, then. But, friends, a foundation should not be rocket science. I know I enjoy my multi-step beauty routine but, at the end of the day, it's face paint. I need to slap it on (albeit with a japanese brush) and get on with my day. I need to not spend time figuring out how to make it work.

If this review did not deter you from purchasing the Aibrush Flawless Foundation (after all, to each her own), it is available to buy here

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