• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Famous Foundations Edition- Clinique 'Even Better' Vs. 'Even Better Glow' Review

I never blind-buy a more expensive foundation without sampling first. This time I bought TWO, which goes to show you just how safe I felt in this purchase. The Even Better foundation is the stuff of blogger legends and its newer sibling the Glow version, equally so. There is yet another, the Refresh version, but upon swatching, it looked too similar to my Maybelline Urban Dream Cover so I passed. I wanted not only to test if the hype is real but also to see how they stand against each other.

Both foundations have received stellar reviews from press and bloggers alike and I can confirm the hype is real. After testing each one for a full week, my impressions were entirely positive. These give GOOD SKIN. Both have a natural finish. When you buff them with a brush, you can't tell they are there. Your skin just looks heathier: not flawless like with other foundations but completely, naturally, better. They are both medium coverage and don't get rid of my pigmentation or blemishes. I find that they do such an excellent job of correcting skin tone, however, that I don't mind that. They don't crease under the eyes, a perticular pet peeve of mine, and have an SPF 15 which is not high but is always a wonderful bonus.

Do they sound very similar? That's because they are. The difference between them is not huge. Yes, the Glow version is true to its name and offers a more luminous result. It is also slightly less covering. But both these points are very subtle; I'm picking hairs here because I need to give you as accurate a picture as I can. The only real difference I can report on, is that I prefer the regular Even Better on cooler days and the Glow version for warmer weather, obviously due to their variation in luminosity. At the end of the day, I love both and would recommend them highly for dry, regular and combination skin. If you lean oily, the regular Even Better is a safer choice. Below, is a look with this initial version. My skin is currently very textured because of swimming in the sun and sleepless nights (a new puppy is great for the soul but catastrophic for the skin). You can see the skin is not porcelain but the texture on my forehead is hidden well, the tone is even and the finish is fresh.

Will I buy them again? Now, you may know I'm a L’Oréal foundation kind of girl. Reasonably priced and excellent. If I found these on considerable sale, I'd repurchase them, yes. For the full price, however, I prefer Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation any day. I will receive CT's new Airbrush Foundation tomorrow, so watch this space for the full review.

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photos via https://www.clinique.gr