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TBN: Face Tan Edition: Tan-Luxe Anti-Age Tan Drops Review

I was a sunbed user for years with the crow's feet to prove it. Back then, we didn't know any better and we were young- and I'm sticking with that defense. Now that I'm older and forced to Botox my eyes in order to at least look my age, I avoid the sun like the plague. I even swim with a wide-brimmed hat. I am also very fair and counter that with a body self-tanner in the summer to look healthier (post with my favourite tried and tested products coming soon).

I tan my face all year round, however. A subtle, sun-kissed colour is all I need for winter, a deeper colour for summer. I like to adjust as the seasons change. The best product I've found toward that end, is the Tan-Luxe face drops.

Please ignore the instructions. They mysteriously don't work, at least on my face. When I mix this with a moisturiser, no colour develops. Instead, drop a little facial oil or serum on your palm and follow that with 4 drops of the Tan-Luxe. Mix with your finger, apply to the face. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, forget to thoroughly wash your hands after or you'll regret it the following morning. I leave it alone for a few hours and follow with my moisturiser (I do it once a week and always apply an intensive moisture mask before going to sleep- I let all that goodness sink in overnight and feel like I'm treating myself). This product is foolproof, you cannot possibly botch this tan operation. You get an even, chic, golden colour. Anything more than 4 drops is ill advised; you step into orange territory. This is surprisingly good value for money. One bottle lasts me about 18 months- by which time, it's best to throw it out anyway.

The Tax-Luxe face tan drops are available to buy here

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