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TBN- Eyeshadow Palette Edition- Huda Beauty Warm Browns Obsessions Palette Review

I received this in Cult Beauty's Summer Goody Bag, making it the third Obsessions palette I've owned. I really appreciated the first two but not enough to keep them. I ended up gifting them to good friends; my collection was big enough already. I wanted to give this an earnest try, though, because I know these are still highly sought-after and consistently make the Sephora best-selling lists. The Warm Browns Obsessions palette is available to buy here.

The first two times, I approached this as I would any other palette in my collection: going in generously into each shade. They were lovely to blend. Eight mattes and one shimmer alike, were all high quality formulas. But, boy, were the mattes LOUD. That's not my current vibe, I like an enhanced look but always quiet. I knew I was doing something wrong, so on the third time, I just touched the very end of my brushes in each colour, to pick up minimal pigment and build if I wanted more. Ooooh, friends, therein lies the true genius of this palette! These colours look so very impactful in the palette because they are highly pigmented. If you use them sparingly, just a small dip, you will create seamless, natural-looking shading around your eyes. If you use more and build them up, then you will get true colour. You choose the intensity, light or strong, and this palette will deliver. Below is one of the more natural looks I liked for work.

It doesn't look like much right? Wrong. I used four shades, all necessary for beautiful depth and dimension- they basically made my eyes look so much larger, longer and sweeter than they are.

All shades blend beautifully. They are very easy for any expertise level. No fall-out on the cheeks. Below, the colours I used for this look and how:

I used the bright cream colour (middle right) to cover the entire lid, followed with the (bottom middle) taupe colour for the mobile lid.

I then applied the (top left) aubergine colour for the crease and under the bottom lashes. This is my favourite shade, it looks so dark but if you use a little, it gives you entirely natural and better-looking bone structure. Finally, the (middle left) darkest colour for the outer corner.

I have since done numerous looks with the same principle of a light hand and have loved all of them. The only colour that does not work for me is the top right brick colour, it makes me look even paler than I am. Someone with a richer skin tone would enjoy it though.

I would absolutely recommend this, it's a versatile gem. It gives you lots of options and a generous amount of product but it's very small and compact, perfect for travelling. Plus, the price is just right. The Warm Browns Obsessions is available to buy here.

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first photo via cultbeauty.co.uk