• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Eyeshadow Legends Edition- Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Quad Review

I was aching for this palette for years. I couldn't pull the trigger when I found it, as the price is ridiculous at 80 euros. I don't consider that pricing a sane consumer choice. When it was on sale, it was always sold out. When, oh when, would I get my paws on this divine quad? Cheeky little bugger continued to elude me.

Until it didn't, obviously. The time came for me and I was giddy with excitement. I paid 30 euros, which I now lament spending. The colour story looked like my best ever combination. I tested it exclusively for weeks. It's all I took on holiday with me. Considering this normally costs 80 euros, please excuse the proclamation: 'WHAT THE ****???'

Brief analysis of the four shadows, starting from top left and then clockwise. The first is a sheer shadow that does almost nothing beyond neutralising the lid. Performs like a highlighter more than an eyeshadow. Hm. The second, on my lids, is a glorious, perfect shade. I just use this, apply eyeliner and I'm done. The bottom right, turns up as a mediocre, dull, matte contouring hue; it looks nothing like the pot. Finally, the pink shadow does not build to a reasonable colour, no matter how much I apply. All this is quite frustrating to begin with; but, to add insult to injury, even when I manage to build a good look with these shadows, they crease within an hour and look a mess by the end of the day, eye primer and all.

This is a hard pass for me. I don't even use it anymore; why would I, when I have Charlotte Tilbury and Nars shadows in my bag? They don't even compete in the same category. Could it be that my specific lids don't match this formula? Possible but unlikely. I have not had this problem with eyeshadows in general. To wrap this review up, which I, frankly, have been avoiding for a couple of months (yes, I was THAT annoyed): would I recommend this product? No.

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