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TBN: Easy Retinol Edition- Jordan Samuel Retinol Review

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

It's so amusing (and humbling) how often I eat my words. Not just in life but also about silly things like skincare. Two weeks after using Jordan Samuel's Retinol Treatement Oil, I proclaimed 'Meh. Not great, not terrible. Nothing special'.

Fast forward to the end of the bottle and I'm so sad to see the last of it. I will not buy it again- for now- but I highly recommend it. Allow me to explain.

I am used to nuclear-grade retinol (prescription strength). For summer, I cut back and use the Sunday Riley Luna retinol oil. This year, I decided to give Jordan Samuel's oil a chance as my only retinol; I used it exclusively throughout the summer, when I swam daily and got some, inevitable, sun exposure. Slowly but surely, from week three onward, this gave me calm, luminous, great skin.

Knowing what I know now, this would be my first recommendation for people with zero retinol experience. You can start with it and ease into the retinol world, while still seeing results. I would expect no purging phase.

It's also perfect for people with sensitive or very sensitive skin. These skin types can be triggered by any product, even dedicated formulas. But this would be worth trying if you are looking for a great-quality product to give you results without the grief that usually comes with actives. Usually, the sea and sun irritate my skin. I've learned to live with it. This time, though, I just had unfazed, healthy skin. I attribute it to this, as it was the only change in my routine. Another plus is that this bottle goes a long way. I used this on my face, neck and entire decolletage area and I got four months of use. That's good value for money.

The Jordan Samuel Skin Retinol Treatment Oil is available to buy here

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photo via jordansamuelskin.com