• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Easy Lip Edition- Victoria Beckham Bitten Lip Tint Review

I recently wrote about my lust over the Victoria Beckham beauty line and lamented it wasn't yet available at european stockists. Apparently, I had missed the memo because after the last time I had looked, the line had started being available at net-a-porter. Two weeks after my article on berry lips, the brand was also introduced to cultbeauty.co.uk. Alas, for the moment, almost all products have been predictably sold out, so my links here will direct you to where this BRILLIANT product, the Bitten Lip Tint in the colour Bisou, is currently available. I knew I would go nuts over this, I just knew it.

I had not been so excited about a product in a long time. When it arrived, I ripped the box open right then and there and ran to the nearest mirror. I wasn't impressed upon first application. It looked too much for a natural lip tint. Turns out I was just an idiot, a more frequent occurence than I'd like to admit. I had applied too much. Because of its super-light, gel texture I thought I should go in heavy. But no, I now strictly apply ONE swipe on my lower lip ONLY, then press my lips together. Natural perfection. It does not stick at all, looks like your lips and lasts for hours.

In the photos below, this is me at the end of my work day, about 10 hours after applying my makeup and wearing a mask. Wearing no lip product. Looking pretty drained, right?

In the photo below, I have applied the Bitten Lip Tint, as described above. You can see there's no glossy high shine here. It gives a plush matte effect that lasts and fades evenly throughout the day.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this. I bought one, so I am forever looking for it to always transfer it in my bag (I swap bags frequently to keep them in good condition). Methinks it's time for a second tube, to reduce the daily search. It's obvious by now it won't be a waste of money.

There is an newly launched pinker version of this, the colour Cherie but, for me, this berry colour mimics natural lips much better. In my experience pink undertones do not enhance my compexion. The Bitten Lip Tint in Bisou is available to buy here

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