• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Brilliant Dupes Edition: An Affordable Alternative to Kevyn Aucoin's Sculpting Powder

My all-time favourite contour product is Kevyn Aucoin's sculpting powder in 'Medium' and its cream counterpart is a close second, but only because it takes a bit longer to apply. Both look like dirt and as if they would be wholly unflattering on the skin. But when you apply them, you understand why the brand has earned its reputation for makeup excellence. It's the perfect hue for mimicking natural shading on the face. Rather impractically, it only comes in tiny pans of 3 or 4gr maximum. When you buy it alone it's very pricey, even though it lasts for about three months of daily use. But you can find it in face palettes of the brand at the same price, which is bizarre- but a good deal for the consumer. A good case in point is an excellent face palette I reviewed some months ago, that contains not one, but two pans of the sculpting product. You can find the full review here

I was running out recently and didn't want to buy the full face palette, just the sculpting product. But the £36.00 price for a just tiny 3 gr. pan doesn't make sense to me, so I searched for a good shade match of that elusive cool-toned brown. I decided to go with the Contour Palette by e.l.f. in Light/Medium, a product that is often quoted by influencers Ι trust as a good cool contour.

The e.l.f. Contour Palette contains four pans as you can see above (from top left, clockwise): a highlighter, a finishing powder, a contour shade and a bronzer. For the price, I didn't mind the extra pans and didn't expect much from them. Αs it turns out, that's the fastest way to be pleasantly surprised! I can, hand on heart, say that ever since I received this I have been using the palette every day. Specifically, all four pans. The quality you get for the price is impressive. The contour shade does a solid job, it's just not quite as smooth to blend in than the one by Kevyn Aucoin. Since it's one-fifteenth of the price (when you compare the contour products alone), I'll blend an extra ten seconds to save 32 pounds. Yes, I am that person. The rest of the products are even better: the bronzer is a believable sun kiss on my super-pale skin, the powder is amazing: a light veil that illuminates without caking, not even under the eyes. The highlighter is effective but natural; ideal for daytime. No wow factor here. A photo of a typical day look with all four pans, in the photo below.

I would recommend this palette not just as a dupe for high-end contours but as a brilliantly priced, reliable face palette, especially ideal for traveling. The products contained and the price are right. The Contour Palette is available to buy here

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