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TBN: Budget Beauty Edition- Essence Volume Stylist Curl & Hold Mascara Review

A brilliant mascara you can buy at the cost of two packs of bubblegum? Yes, friends, there is such a thing. Now that this near-impossible feat has been achieved, I want science to please proceed with giving us slimming chocolate, pronto.

I had seen Tati wax lyrical about it for years. I tried it, hated it but at 3,5 euros wasn't devastated at the loss. BUT, as it turns out, I had tried the wrong one. You see, there are two Essence Volume Stylist mascaras. The one I originally tried, is purple, subtitled 'Lash Extension' and is awful on my lashes. The other mascara is just like it, but is pink and subtitled 'Curl & Hold'. This, my friends is the good stuff.

It gives me amazing length, curl, volume and hold. This is like my all-time favourite Diorshow but at *one tenth* of the price. I would give this drugstore gem a 4 out of 5 because of one major flaw: if you smudge your eyelid with it, it does not come off like all other mascaras when it dries. This is VERY annoying to me; I am a messy mascara user and always correct with a q-tip at the end of my makeup look. But this one disrupts your eyeshadow underneath when you try to lift it. I quickly learned to be extra careful with it. Problem solved.

Please remember to wipe off excess product on a tissue before you apply it. Give the brush a thorough wipe- you'll thank me for it. Also, just give it a few days to get this formula's full benefits. It needs to dry a bit. Below, is a photo of my first application of this product. I thought it was excellent but after a few days it was a lot easier to work with, after the liquid in the pot had slightly solidified with use.

Always keep in mind that this smudges irreversibly, so go in carefully. You'll get used to applying it in a few days. This is currently my favourite mascara. At 3,5 euros this is the definition of a beauty bargain. Absolutely recommended.

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