• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Drugstore Beauty Edition- Affordable Eyeshadows Reviews

I am neither a luxury fiend nor a drugstore queen. My absolute priority regarding beauty products, as much as budget allows, is value for money. Which means that, while I am always on the look-out for affordable dupes of beloved expensive products, sometimes there's just no avoiding the fact that more expensive is indeed unique and just plain better.

That's certainly the case with eyeshadows. I have not been able to find an affordable formula I absolutely LOVE, like Nars or Charlotte Tilbury etc. A formula that is a dream to blend, brings out my eyes and stays true all day. After trying many drugstore eyeshadows to find an alternative, the only ones I loved were those in the Nude Awakenings palette by Wet n Wild. Otherwise, it was one disappointment after the next.

Ignoring my gut feeling of impending doom, I decided to go on a drugstore testing spree again. I headed straight to Wet n Wild but was also very curious to check out the Profusion brand. I opted out of the endless new offerings by Makeup Revolution; I have tested their products and cannot work with them at all. It never seizes to amaze me how popular they are because surely they are not bad only on my lids. So, here are the ones I went for:

Wet n Wild Hooked on Vinyl

Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells

Profusion Nude Eyes

Friends, it didn't go well. Long story short, Wet n Wild has done something very wrong with its new formulas. The palettes were, for lack of a better word, terrible. I don't say this lightly because this is a brand I appreciate immensely, not least because it usually offers good makeup for all budgets. Their Photo Focus foundation is mythical. These, on the other hand, gave me grief; it took ages to build enough colour that actually showed and when it did, it was patchy and short-lived.

The Profusion palette, on the other hand was decent. Please note that I choose my words not to be kind or rude, but to be exact. These shadows do a decent job. The glitters are fine with no fallout and the mattes are even better- zero patchiness in sight. Their lasting power leaves something to be desired. The colour does not fade like those by Wet n Wild but by the afternoon they blend into one and they slightly crease. For their price, this is completely acceptable in my book and I would recommend it to someone on a budget (I bought this palette for 7 euros).

This year I'll try to discover more drugstore options for you, because no matter what our budget is, makeup shouldn't be a financial burden. For your reference, below is a look I enjoyed, using the Nude Eyes:

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