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TBN: Double Chin Edition- Aqualyx Treatment Review

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

(This article is not about convincing you to banish your double chin. It's about informing you that if you have one and it's bringing you down, you have choices)

I first noticed a difference to my face about 9 months ago, at the age of 39. From the front, I looked the same. But when I turned sideways, there were some funky changes going on that were a) happening rapidly and b) looked downright bizarre. It was as if my face was melting down to my neck and merging into one. Weirdly, I was less upset and more fascinated by the unstoppable powers of age and gravity. But, most of all, genetics. You see, my dad's side of the family, which I take after, have wonderful bone structure, but only until they hit fourty. Then, their (our) face looses definition and they (we) get turkey-neck. It's a done deal by 45, as sombering family photos reveal.

These photos were my wake-up call. Was there something I could do to prevent this from happening? I don't want to get fillers done to my face; I have several personal reasons for this that I might explain in another article. I intend, however, to get a thread-lift when the time comes: it's a wonderful treatment that impressively lifts but still looks natural. But I am 40 years old. I refuse to get a thread lift until I am closer to 50.

Would I actively go looking for a specialist to treat my neck? No, I can't be bothered. I'm too lazy and it didn't bother me to the degree of discomfort, probably because from the front, my face was- for the moment- not affected by the 'big melt'. Every time I noticed it getting worse, I just thought short, eloquent thoughts: 'Wow', 'Damn', 'What?' and, of course, 'F**k'.

Now, if you've been following me, you'll know that the past two years haven't exactly been the kindest. Life happens, you deal and move on. But on this little aesthetic conundrum, on the most trivial matter, I got really lucky. I am blessed with the best dermatologist, Dr. G. Daravalis (this post is not paid nor sponsored, just personal experience), who gives me a botox treatment every 10-11 months. I trust him implicitly because he's very knowledgeable on the latest treatments and he's superb with injectibles. So, on my latest appointment, I casually asked if there is anything I can do about my melting neck. He informed me about Aqualyx, an injectable that dissolves fat and helps skin firm and bounce back. No down-time and it literally takes ten minutes. You can get just one or a series of treaments, depending on the desired result.

I booked an appointment and it was pretty straightforward. I got injected around the area; it didn't hurt but it really tickled. Then, the pain hit me like mutiple bee stings: it's the actual solution that hurts, not the injection of it. It lasted 2 to 3 minutes, then it was completely gone. That was it. I was warned that the area would swell for about a week and I was on my way.

I did swell on the second day, but I could hardly tell and it only lasted about three days on me. I just had to be gentle when cleansing the area, because it was very sensitive. Today is exactly three weeks to the day after the treatment. Because the past month has been even more stressful and busy than usual, I honestly forgot about it. But last week, I started noticing that when I fiddled around with my neck (I had grown a habit of touching my double chin), there was nothing there. I have gained about 2 kilos in the past month, so it absolutely was not down to weight loss- the first thing that gets chubby is my face/neck area. I photographed the area in the same position as I had done pre-treatment and I was DELIGHTED!!! I can see a huge difference. So that's why I could find anything to fiddle around with anymore!

22nd September, late evening, night before treatment:

13th of October, late evening, three weeks after treatment:

Friends, this is obviously not a vanity post. I've looked better. Both pictures were taken at the office, after a really long day, wearing a mask for more than 10 hours. However, I think taking a photo at my worst would show what real-life, everyday skin needs look like.

Whatever is left of my makeup is smudged all over, please disregard. Even though it might seem I am pulling a face in the second photo, pulling my chin forward, I assure you I AM NOT. My face is completely relaxed, as in the first photo. My eyes look lifted because they are; I have had my annual Dysline botox treatment that, from the front, makes my face look more relaxed and well-rested (although from the side, I look slightly bitchy- meh, I can live with that). From the front, my face looks the same as always. But the side view.. I did not expect this degree of improvement.

I'll see how much this continues to progress and at around Christmas, when, hopefully, I will also have shed some weight, I will get a second and last treatment. I will keep you posted. I can honestly say I could not be happier with this treatment.

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