• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Concealer Edition- Huda Overachiever Review

I must come clean: I don't like the culture of Huda Beauty. I LOVE Huda herself, she is everything I admire in a modern woman: a hard worker, very honest about her personal truth, highly driven but kind, a citizen of the world and unapologetically family-oriented. What I don't like is the vibe I get from the brand's website/blog. I eventually un-subscribed; I had had too much of their compulsive/oppressive beauty tips, like ridiculous cosmetic procedures. When a post about vagina beautification crossed my timeline, I was out. As it turns out, I draw the line at vaginas.

I was super curious to try their new concealer after the fabulous Wayne Goss waxed lyrical about it in one of his videos. I have so many concealers in stock that this had to wait, but it was still a priority. I managed to get a generous sample and tested it for a full week of wear. If you want the short version of this: my full tube is already ordered and on its way. For the detailed specs of the product, please read on.

This comes in a very satisfying colour spectrum. I was a great match for both Cotton Candy and Coconut Flakes. They lasted for four days, so for the next three of the testing week, I mixed other colours with equally great results.

I applied this at first with a brush and didn't like it. This is a richer formula, so when I used a brush, the thicker consistency lifted the foundation below. I tried with my fingers the next time: perfection. Very easy and quick to apply. This gives full coverage but is not drying. It brightens the under-eyes wonderfully. It hides pores. It looks natural, I can't tell it's there. It stays in place all day long. It doesn't cake with powder. And when I set it by patting a soft brush in the end, it doesn't, ever, crease. It makes an excellent base for your eyeshadow look because it's stable but does not dry out your lid. In the photo below, this is a typical look with the Overachiever.

I got caught in the rain with it: it survived unscathed, unlike my hair. I walked my 9 and 12klm power-walks with this, under the sun: didn't move, didn't change. Please note that it worked best for me when I moisturised very well, not just adequately, around the eyes. The rich formula seems to appreciate that.

I am not re-subscribing to the Huda Beauty blog any time soon but this is an excellent product. Would I recommend it? If it wasn't obvious yet, it's a resounding yes. The Overachiever concealer is available to buy here

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