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TBN: Clean Beauty Edition- Undupeable Clean Products List

The term 'clean beauty' has been distorted lately to mean a more hard-core, largely un-scientific, natural-only ingredients list. I lament the corruption of the term and continue to use it as coined originally, like Caroline Hirons described it just last week: clean brands have a more natural-ingredients approach without compromising safety, do not use suspected toxic ingredients and known, proven irritants, as well as take special consideration toward sensitive skin.

Last week, I presented my definitive list of undupeable luxury products. I received a request for a more natural list, that would include fragrance-free products. What an omission on my part. My own skin flourishes with such a wide range of products; fragrance does not bother me at all. However, 95% of vitamin C products destroy my face: redness, irritation that does not subside, burning and itching. I am obviously allergic to something in the formulas but I can only imagine what happens to people who are sensitive to artificial fragrance. It's everywhere! I took a very long look at my notes and, as it turns out, finding unique, 'clean' products that I adore was not a difficult task after all. They offer results that I have not found elsewhere. So, for those of you with sensitive skin, the following list includes my favourites:

Healgel Face

Colette Haydon is the dermo-doctor behind this formula, as well as those of Lixirskin, that follow below. There's no-nonsense approach to the lines: clean, safe molecules with proven, study-backed skin benefits. They reject the 'natural is always better' credo. They say natural ingredients can be just as irritating. This is clean chemistry at its best. This face gel is beautiful: light but super-effective. Packed with amino acids, it heals as well as moisturises. It is available to buy here


The Vitamin C Paste is one of my favourite products of all time. One of the rare vitamin C products my face benefits from. It cleanses, brightens and clarifies my skin in an unparalleled way. You apply this to your face first thing in the morning as a cleanse/mask with damp fingers to activate the formula. You rinse after a few minutes (I leave it on for however long it takes me to prepare my son's school lunch and drink my coffee). Hey presto, great skin. It is available to buy here

It's a similar story with Electrogel Cleanser by the same brand, only this time it's for your second evening cleanse. Take everything off with some micellar water, then apply this with damp fingers and leave for a minute or much more. It detoxifies your skin and leaves it super soft. These two cleansers are honestly unlike anything else I've tried. The Electrogel Cleanser is available to buy here

Dr. Sam's

Dr. Sam Bunting's line has been a smashing success with my skin. They are seemingly very simple products but are obviously very sophisticated considering their performance. My favourites are the Flawless Cleanser (a clear, super-hydrating gel that takes everything off and never dries out your skin) available to buy here and her Flawless Daily Sunscreen, an SPF that feels like sumptious skincare, available to buy here.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

This is an excellent healer and for the price, I've found no equivalent for its efficacy. It is a heavier oil, so I would suggest either using it at night or mixing in with your moisturiser in the morning, 4 drops should suffice. The smell leaves a lot to be desired but for a product of such pure formulation (this literally contains four ingredients), that is to be expected. It is available to buy here

Goldfaden MD Vital Boost

This was in my original undupeables list last week. It's more expensive but, boy, is it special. Rarely does a moisturiser actually make a difference to my skin, I almost always rely on serums for hard results. Not the case here, this is a serious addition to my skincare arsenal. It whips my skin in glowy shape within a few days. It is available to buy here

Votary Neroli Toner Serum

I had originally posted a full review of this but for some strange internet reason, I keep having to take it down due to Google warnings. Now, it's permanently down because I don't have the time to insist anymore. This is a strange product in the best possible way. It's multi-tasker that offers supreme hydration and effective, but gentle, exfoliation at the same time. It tightens my pores and plumps my complexion all day long. This comes in a 50ml bottle, that's 20ml more than the industry standard, so the price isn't atrocious. It is available to buy here

Drunk Elephant

This wouldn't be a comprehensive proposal on skincare without retinol, of course. A-Passioni is my undupeable 'clean' beauty choice because it's so darn effective. You can read the full review here. This is strong, so please take it easy. Drunk Elephant are largely responsible for this distortion of the term 'clean', by making unscientific claims. They rely on 'feelings' rather than science, so I do not prefer their products. But when a product is good, it's just good. The A-Passioni is available to buy here

The next post this week will be about another 'clean', unique product. However, there are several aspects to its new formula that I needed to cover more extensively, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days.

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