• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Brilliant Dupes Edition- Affordable Makeup That Performs Better Than Shiseido's Synchro Line

There are so many good (no, great) foundations on offer nowadays, that a new launch hardly makes headlines. However, Shiseido managed to cause a stir amongst influencers with their new 'Synchro' line of skin products. I have seen nothing but rave reviews. This is a first as far as I can remember, especially because foundation is a such fickle little rascal: the same product can be beautiful on some complexions and not so much on others.

A few things on the Synchro line first: it claims to use new technology that prevents creasing throughout the day; as the face moves, the formula bounces right back and self-refreshes. No build-up on wrinkles, no cracking. It also considerably protects from the sun with an SPF 30. I did a full-day wear test of the foundation and concealer recently (the powder was not yet available) and can confirm the claims about the foundation. It's a beautiful, medium-coverage, satin-finish formula. But I don't think it does that much more to justify its price. While it costs £39.00 in the UK, it's absurdly priced at 56.60€ here in Greece. The concealer is good but entirely unremarkable and get this: it costs £23.00 for 5.8ml of product! In euros it's, again, way more expensive at 40€.

Let me break it down for you in terms of other, better, concealers: When Huda's brilliant Overachiever costs £23.00 for 10 ml of product and Born This Way concealer by Too Faced costs £24.00 for 15ml of product, Shiseido's quality/quantity/price ratio is laughable.

Good news for us all, though! Quite by accident, a few days after trying Shiseido's Synchro products (I decided against writing a review because I could not, in good conscience, recommend products that I find so grossly overpriced) I tested two products that I found not only comparable, but identical, in performance. To be exact, the foundations are identical on my skin, while the Revlon concealer is actually better.

Revlon Candid foundation and concealer have eluded me until now, because for some bizarre reason, I can't find them anywhere! Revlon used to be hot stuff, an affordable staple, but they are obviously lagging behind in this current beauty boom. But only in sales promotions, that is, not in formulation. Because they are doing outstanding work on that front. And I don't use that word lightly.

I finally found them at feelunique.com. I bought the foundation in Bare 230 (a light/neutral). This tube suspiciously contains 22ml of product, instead of the usual 30 ml, the industry standard (we see you Revlon, don't play those Shiseido tricks on us). On me, this is a full coverage foundation that looks -completely- natural. It's very easy to apply, even with fingers, but I prefer a round buffer brush. It leaves a luminous, not oily, satin finish like the Shiseido one and lasts equally well throughout the day. This does two remarkable things: firstly, it blurs out my pores. No foundation has achieved this before. Secondly, I skip my glow primer altogether (for the first time in two years I don't use Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter). For a lazy person like me, skipping primers is a godsend. Shiseido's Synchro had the same effect, but with two primers, so another point goes to Revlon. It is available to buy here

Now, for the concealer. Like its foundation sister, it contains antioxidants that protect the face from environmental aggressors, but no SPF. It's very creamy and a breeze to apply. I LOVE it just as much as my holy grail Huda Overachiever, but they are different beasts altogether. This is lighter, more natural and does a better job at blurring my pores. Huda's concealer has industrial strength at canceling your skin beneath and is ideal for an airbrushed look. If I had to pick just one for life, I honestly would not mind either one. They are different but do the job just as well for my skin's needs. I bought it in the shade 010 Vanilla. This costs 5 euros for 10ml of product. Shiseido's product, which performed well but not quite as well as Revlon's, costs 40 euros for 5.8ml. To me it's a no-brainer. It is available to buy here

One quick note: I don't feel the need to powder with these products. They don't require it. In the instances that I did, however, they were just as stunning.

Below is a photo of the typical look I get using the Candid products. I call it 'butter' skin, such a smooth and soft finish. A more natural airbrush effect that lasts all day. Absolutely recommended, both products. If it's any indication, backups were already ordered on Black Friday.

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photos via revlon.com