• Anastasia Pentias

TBN- Beautiful Skin Edition- Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

This autumn has been AMAZING for me and foundations. Especially since I'm so difficult to please: I want glow but no oiliness, a natural finish but great coverage, I want it to stay away from my wrinkles, not age me, photoshop my face, make me look well-rested, etc. I could go on.

Between my Lancôme, my Revlon Candid and this new one, picking one in the mornings has been hard. These are all uber-winners in delivering great skin, but if I were hard-pressed to pick just one, and this comes down to minute details, this latest foundation is the best. Not just between the three. It's the best I've tried on my skin, period.

I'm talking about the Natural Radiant Longwear foundation by Nars, available to buy here. I have the shade Deauville, for light skin with a slightly warmer undertone. On me, this is full coverage, not medium. It's quite liquid, yet applies very well with fingers and perfected with a brush. It plays well with both light and heavier concealers (I wear it with Revlon's Candid and Huda's Overachiever). It leaves a radiant matte finish (apparently, that's possible now!) and, most times, I don't bother powdering over it. It's such a trouper with my retinol-ridden skin. It camouflages my irritation and flaking very effectively (I never exfoliate at this stage because my brand new skin is so raw). The photo below is me, with a flaking face because of Tretinoin. Nobody could tell.

This review is even briefer than my usual ones. Why? Because this had no negative points for me- not one. An accurate description for this product on my skin, would be 'great skin in a bottle'. Absolutely recommended. It is available to buy here

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