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TBN: Acids Edition- Dr. Dennis Gross Liquid Peel Review

Ooooh, I get so much joy out of acids. Retinol might give me glowy, renewed skin, but it takes time and a little bit of peeling. Acids, on the other hand, can make you look radiant, fresh and youthful with a simple overnight serum, or in mere minutes with a higher-dose treatment.

I am a weathered acids user, so nothing phases me these days. I love Dr. Dennis Gross products (a line especially great with acids) but when I saw 'Professional Grade' written on the bottle I scoffed at the title. 'Surely, if it's readily available in retail, it can't be that strong', I thought and put it aside to use when I was done with my Dr. Dennis Gross daily acid wipes.

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, when I had used the wipes up. Thankfully, I had enough sense to ease up on my retinol the previous night, because I was in for a surprise. This is a very simple, two-step process but with quite puzzling instructions. It says on the box to apply the first solution in two 3-second rounds. What does that mean? Does the entire round last 3 seconds for the whole face, or do I have to hold down the cotton pad on each area for 3 seconds, two times? Oh, well, la dee da. My skin is very familiar with acids. So, I went into it very relaxed, watching a YouTube video and sliding the cotton pad again and again, gently, for about two minutes. Maybe three? Then, I decided it was time for the second solution, the neutraliser. I applied it with another cotton pad and when I was done, I touched my face. HOLY HEAVENS ABOVE. My skin felt like a baby's. I was very taken aback and went in for a closer look. Glow. Absolute smoothness. Ah. This was true skincare perfection. Then, I got cocky.

'Oooh, let me take advantage of how new my skin is and apply a moisturising mask! That sounds like an excellent idea, yeah, let me go ahead and do that. Which one should I .. oh, Fresh's Rose mask, yeah, that'll do the trick. Let me apply it gently, yup, yup, great, all in place, wait a minute, what.. ooooooh something's very wrong, wow, what kind of colour is that on my face, shocking pink or blood-red, ooooooh IT BURNS SO BADLY, ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION, RINSE IT ALL OFF NOOOOOOW!!'

Dear TBN friends. What is the lesson we have learned from this fool's endeavour?

1. If your skin's reached perfection, don't push your luck.

2. If it says 'Professional Grade' and it's a doctor's brand, you should believe it.

3. Two products that are mild to your skin when used individually, can go KABOOM when used together.

4. This acids treatment is the best I've ever used in terms of efficacy *glass skin alert*

The answer is: all of the above. To rectify the mess I caused, I applied a thick layer of my beloved Cicalfate cream to calm my skin down. At night, I only applied the Pai Rosehip oil to work its healing magic. I woke up with perfect skin again, just like when I finished the treatment.

Would I recommend this? *YES*

Would I buy it again? Yes. It's great. Just follow the instructions better. If you can understand them. Crucially, leave your skin alone after. I'll use this once every two weeks, strictly- this is strong stuff. Do not bring close to the eyes, it will cause actual harm. I'll get about 15 treatments out if it, so this should last me 7 months or more. The price is not atrocious, considering it's less than just one doctor's treatment.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Resurfacing Liquid Peel is available to buy here

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photo via cultbeauty.co.uk