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TBN: Lips Edition- Nars Powermatte Review

I recently booked an appointment at the Nars concession at Selfridges and a superbly talented make-up artist named Jasmine gave me a makeover. At the end, she gave me a very generous sample of a liquid lipstick she thought I would like.

Indeed I did, the problem is I don't like liquid lipsticks. They are messy, they are drying and you can't outline your lips as easily as with a bullet lipstick. I applied this one and I fell in love with the colour, with the volume and size it gave my lips (we're talking serious augmentantion here) and the longevity. It also faded out so naturally throughout the day, that if I didn't refresh at all in the day, in the evening I would end up with a beautiful flush of colour on the lips, no patches in sight. No lip liner necessary. See photo below for the colour in daylight.

I bought a full size within days for fear of running out (never has this happened before with a liquid lipstick). I used it every day for work, as I knew it would stay in place and true to colour, give me full lips and fade out naturally. Just one problem: after a few days, it started drying my lips. Through trial and error I found the cure: before I apply it in the morning, I apply the tiniest amount of lip balm and give it a few minutes to sink in. When applying the lipstick, I made sure I wiped the applicator on the rim, to get rid of excess product tha tends to dry on the lips. I build it up, rather than pile it on. Perfect, stay-in-place lipstick. I don't know if I would buy another shade of this formula, I think it's the colour/volume I am so in love with.

(Edit: Actually, now that I see the colour selection, I'm very open to another one. Damn it.)

I suppose due to its versatile, universally flattering colour, it currently seems to be out of stock at a lot of stockists, but I managed to find it available to buy here

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first photo via narscosmetics.eu

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