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TBN: Skin Basics Edition- Dr. Sam's Flawless Cleanser Review

Ah, cleansing. The unsung hero of good skin. There are few things that have contributed as greatly to my skin as correct cleansing. When you abandon the inevitable bad habits of your youth (harsh soaps, cleansing wipes, the wrong kind of makeup removers, or even not taking off your makeup at all), you see the difference from day one: your skin is more supple, plump, radiant. And the skincare products you apply after, work SO much better.

Dr. Sam Bunting insists on one, good cleanse at night, instead of a two-step routine, to avoid compromising your skin's protective barrier. I have found that a two-step process has worked wonders for my skin- when you use the right (gentle) products of course. But when I decided to buy Dr. Sam's cleanser, I strictly followed the doctor's orders. The suggested instructions are to remove your eye makeup first, then apply two pumps of the cleanser for your night cleanse. Massage it in for a good minute, then rinse off. It works perfectly that way. This is a clear, cooling gel that does not lather at all. When you massage, it removes every last bit of the day, leaving your skin clean and supple. In the morning you do the same, only with one pump of product.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. This is formulated for acne-prone, adult skin concerned with signs of aging, but it's obvious that this would be suitable and highly effective for anyone. Any skin type, any age. When I first used it, I didn't like how much product is needed. Compared to my two steps, it seemed a lot. Not the case, actually. When you consider that you use one- instead of two- products, the quantity is put into perspective. This is also a very affordable product compared to my luxury cleansers. I will buy this again because I get premium results for a much lower price (sorry to be so blunt, but I appreciate value for money). I will continue to use my beloved Lixir cleansers (that contain active ingredients) but on steady rotation with this one. If you're not a skincare enthusiast like me and need a small edit of products, you only need this.

Dr. Sam has gained my admiration regarding the efficiency of her formulas. The only other person in cosmetics formulations that I can compare her to, is Colette Haydon of Heagel and Lixirskin. However, the brands follow entirely different principles and cannot be compared. Dr. Sam's products are excellent cosmeceutical basics. As such, they are the best I have tried in the category.

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