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TBN: Drugstores Dupes Edition- Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation Review

I recently uploaded my full review on the IT Cosmetics CC cream.

Just a few days later, I read about a new release from Maybelline, a foundation that rivals the CC cream on its main selling points: antioxidant ingredients and an SPF of 50. It's exclusively sold in the UK Boots chain until May, after which it will be widely available in all stockists. Since I was going to London, it was a good chance to try it. I searched for it high and low, but, in the end, I could only find it at the Boots Oxford Street flagship store, priced at £8.79.

This is what the brand says about the product:


''.. full coverage with SPF 50 broad spectrum..enriched with anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and baicaline and helps to form a shield and defend skin from pollution...This lightweight full coverage foundation comes in 20 different shades and is best suited to normal/dry skin types. Dream Urban Cover will smooth away signs of dull skin to create a natural and healthy looking complexion. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores). Clinically tested to lock in moisture. How to apply: Simply apply to your face and blend gently with your fingertips to achieve an effortless, natural looking finish.


I have been testing this out for a few days, using different combinations of serums and creams, primers ets. My thoughts are positive on the whole, but please read on to discover if this is right for you.

First of all, I wouldn't classify this as a dupe. I firmly believe that most new foundations will have a high SPF from now on, because it's crucially important for skin. This is not a dupe, it's just following modern skin needs. IT Cosmetics were certainly the first to create this new category, but they also created a hybrid of makeup/skincare that the Maybelline Urban is not. It has antioxidants and an SPF, but it does not give you that plumpness of the IT CC cream, because it does not contain hyaluronic acid or peptides. So, they are clearly not the same, nor are they comparable. At the end of the day, does that matter to me? No. Can I trade in one for the other? Yes. Let me explain.

I have a well-rounded skincare routine that covers all the peptides or hyaluronic acid I need. I don't rely on my foundation for those ingredients. The main advantage of the IT Cosmetics CC cream for me is the SPF50.

The Maybelline foundation covers that need and more. The finish is similar to the IT Cosmetics' one, but not the same. It's a more liquid formula, not as rich, with a fresh and dewy finish that sits well on my skin. It's a medium (leaning light) coverage product, whereas the IT CC cream provides a fuller coverage. I would recommend setting both with powder in the end, they look better that way. Does it give you remarkable skin like my favourites from L’Oréal? No, but it gives you good skin and superb envirnomental protection.

Would I recommend this foundation? If you have normal or dry skin, then yes, absolutely. If you're oily, it will be too much for you. This is a high-quality product at a very good price. In the summer months, you shouldn't go out without a high SPF on. Don't replace your SPF with this foundation, by any means. Use this as a valuable extra. Is it a dupe for the IT Cosmetics? No, they are on a different league. I prefer the IT CC cream because it plumps, lasts a little better throughout the day and gives me more coverage. However, if your skincare is comprehensive and budget is a consideration, then you really don't need the IT CC cream (priced three times higher than Maybelline).

Bonus Tip:

As always, I test all new foundations with basic skincare underneath and no primers at first. I want to see how they perform on their own. You know I'm a Charlotte Tilbury girl, some of her products simply cannot be copied. One such product is the Hollywood Flawless Filter, which I adore on its own or as a primer. On my last days of testing, I mixed the Flawless Filter with the Maybelline Urban foundation in equal parts. The result is *magical*. Those two were meant to be together. Flawless radiance and coverage that lasts all day. No powder required to set: it's natural but ethereal in the most balanced way.

The Maybelline Dream Urban Cover Foundation is now available in-store and online at www.boots.com.

From May onward, it will be widely available in all Maybelline stockists.

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photo via www.boots.com

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