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TBN: Popular Drugstore Lipsticks Edition- L'Oréal & Bourjois Review

Okay, first I have to vent. I am seriously peeved about drugstore/high street makeup prices. We seriously need to redefine what qualifies as drugstore/high street beauty. Every season products are increasingly expensive, to the point that they are reaching MAC prices, aka the luxe mid-range. Brands need to reel it in, because let us be honest: they do not offer the quality that corresponds to these prices or the mid-range brands like MAC.

Now that's out of the way, let's get to the juicy stuff. I am always on the hunt for a good, more affordable lipstick, so I tried the two most popular, highly reviewed ones this season: the L'Oréal Rouge Signature Liquid Lipstick and the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick.

Above, is the L'Oréal Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in 'I Don't'. Brief disclaimer, I don't like liquid lipsticks; they are messy and drying. This is better on both fronts. The applicator ensures easy, precise application, that requires no lip liner and does not bleed into lip lines. This is a vibrant, juicy formula, a more satin matte, with very satisfying coverage. It feels very comfortable on the lips and is a lot less drying than its counterparts from other brands. You do need lip balm beforehand, however, for the perfect, even lip. Also, if you wear this every day, your lips will dry out, so save it for occasional use. The major drawback is how it fades out. While it is very stable on the lips and does not bleed, the pigment on the lips fades faster than you'd expect and not in the most flattering way. It's uneven, so you need to keep checking if you need to refresh. Would I recommend it? Yes. But it's not for every day and remember to condition your lips before using this.

Next up, the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick. I got this in two shades, a red and a berry, because I was sure I would like it. What a rookie mistake. While this formula has some very good aspects to it (it's very creamy, super easy to apply from the bullet, dries very soon and stays in place for hours), it's just too drying for me. I prefer the colour range of these to L'Oréal's. They are more flattering. But what use is that, when even they slightest flaw, kink or line on your lips is accentuated by these lipsticks? Would I recommend it? No. But if you want a super-stable lipistick that stays in place all day and you don't mind the dryness, you could consider it.

Going back to the first matter at hand: true drugstore lipstick heroes are at a fraction of the price and better than these hyped-up new releases: try the genius Catrice Ultimate Matt (see photo below, in number 010),

and the H&M creamy (not the matte) lipsticks (see photo below, in colour Brunette Ambition).

Both of these are excellent formulas, great value for your money and I would highly recommend them. Something that cannot be said about the two products reviewed today.

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