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TBN: High-End Foundations Edition- Battle of the Luxury, Full-Coverage Heavyweights

You know I LOVE my luxury beauty products but only those that are worth the price- meaning those that have no drugstore equivalent. I work very hard to earn my income and I am nowhere near that point where money is no object. It is an object; very much so.

A wonderful revolution has taken place in the beauty industry. High-quality cosmetics formulas have trickled down to affordable brands and we can now all enjoy efficient, high-performing products in makeup and skincare. Foundations are no exception, I have not regularly bought a high-end foundation in years because my affordable ones are that great. My absolute favourites for this year are in the full article here: https://bit.ly/2C2SEpD

I lost touch with what was going on in the high-end spectrum and it got me thinking: 'What if high-end ones have gotten even better? What if I get amazing skin with drugstore foundations but these hold the key to the supernatural beauty plains?'

I decided to try full coverage foundations from three of the top beauty powerhouses, all at around the 34 pounds/40 euros pricepoint. I have normal skin that occasionally leans combination. I gave each product three full days of wear and this is what I found:

YSL All Hours:

They say: ''Oil-free, full coverage foundation with matte finish, lasts for up to 24 hours, waterproof, transfer-resistant, suitable for all skin types, dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic, SPF20, available in 22 shades''

I say: They describe it as matte but it's not really. I would call it a beautiful satin. It's super smooth and quick to apply, as it's not too runny nor too thick. It lasted all day, didn't break up around the nose, like almost all foundations on my skin, it did not turn oily throughout the day. This is truly full coverage: my red mole (the point of reference for such matters) completely disappeared. It felt very comfortable all day long. It is transfer resistant, the claims are true, just don't expect a white scarf to go unscathed. I loved this product. It has an SPF20, the highest of all three. Drawbacks: Just one. This contains the smallest amount of product from all three, at 25ml in the bottle.

Estee Lauder Double Wear:

They say ''This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity and nonstop activity. It feels lightweight and comfortable and won't change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day. Medium, buildable; SPF 10''

I say: This is a comfortable matte and the most full coverage of all, despite its description as 'medium'. It turned slightly drier on my skin later, though; I didn't love how it progressed as the hours passed. For someone with an oilier complexion than mine, I'm sure that would actually be a plus. It doesn't stain clothes as much either and has an SPF10. The bottle contains 30ml. Drawbacks: This felt like an older kind of foundation, I'm used to super smooth, luminous skin (I've been spoiled by newer formulas).This was good but felt heavier on the face and I wouldn't call it 'natural'.

Dior Forever Undercover:

They say:

''Dior introduces it's most extreme wear foundation with Diorskin Forever Undercover. This fluid water-based, 24H* foundation blends full coverage with a lightweight formula to deliver a natural matte second skin finish that goes from day to night.

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, describes Forever Undercover. “Incorporated in a very fluid texture, the high concentration of pigments ensures perfect blemish correction. What’s very new for such a high-coverage product is, you don’t feel or see it. The finish is fresh, and matte enough so that you don’t need powder.”

I found this a medium coverage rather than full. It left a pretty matte finish which was not dewy. This looked a bit foreign on my skin, it sat on top of it (rather than melt into the complexion, like the All Hours that looks like skin). What I liked with this one, though, was the finish it gave before applying concealer. Its formula gives satisfying coverage under the eyes and is rich enough to sit well around and under the eyes. This means that if you don't have dark circles, this could easily be the only step for your entire face, no concealer needed. Drawbacks: This is the only one that oxidised (it took a slight orange turn by mid-day) and caused more oiliness than the other two. This happened on all three days of wear, even though I was hoping it was a fluke. Also, this is the only one with no SPF. On the plus side: for the same price as the other two, you get significantly more product; this is a 40ml bottle.

Conclusion: These were all good but the YSL All Hours was the clear winner. It's a very good product that gives you flawless skin. Is it 40 euros good? No. Don't get me wrong: I got a fantabulous finish (this is a legit term with this), better than drugstore foundations. Just not as good as to pay FOUR times the price of my current favourite, the 24 Freshwear by L’Oréal. And it bugs me so much that they're pulling the smaller bottle trick. That's a cheap shot for a high-end product. If they offer more product in the future, say a 40ml bottle for the same price, I might jump the drugstore ship and hop onto this one.

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*photos via http://www.selfridges.com

Dior Forever Underc

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