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TBN: Easy Beauty Edition- Trinny London Overview

There are so many different beauty tribes and sub-categories, each with such a diverse set of interests, that they often overlap. One distinct tribe of beauty fans, though, are people who love beauty products but hate to spend more than 5-10 minutes on makeup each day. They want as few steps as possible and preferably without brushes. They want their beauty routine to be very simple.

Enter Trinny Woodall (already famous as a fashion guru, through her long-running BBC television series 'What Not To Wear'), who shook things up last year with her paradigm-shifting brand 'Trinny London'. All the makeup products you need for your face, to be applied with your fingers, in practical little pots that click on top of each other to form a stack. These are hassle-free, easy to use, high quality beauty products that you can carry with you anywhere.

They are also brilliant to buy online. Their website, https://trinnylondon.com/, is made up of zero-photoshop pictures of everyday women wearing Trinny London, in different combinations. This gives you an excellent idea of what the products look like in real life and minimises the risk of online beauty shopping. You know I adore Charlotte Tilbury as a brand, but their online product depictions are not true to real-life and I find that very problematic. Trinny's website also has an AI system called MATCH2ME, that finds the right products for you through a simple series of questions and photos. Their highly-praised BFF cream (a colour correcting, ultra-light, natural-finish foundation) comes in a tube; everything else comes in its super chic silver, stackable pot.

I am not drawn to their skin products, but that is down to my own personal preferences of formula. I enjoy my high-maintenance skin routine. My favourite thing in this line are the EYE2EYE eyeshadows. I find the colours supremely flattering and easy to apply for a modern, busy woman. They are the perfect 'one-and-done' eyeshadow range (the principle of using only one eyshadow that flatters your eyes so much, that you need nothing else). My personal favourites are chic but sexy 'Empress' and 'Emperor', great neutral staples 'Fortune' and 'Faith' and the interesting/unique 'Magician', 'Lovers' and 'Strength'.

I also love their darker LIP2CHEEK colours (that can be applied as both liptint and blusher): 'Freddie, 'Chloe', 'Munchkin'.

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