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TBN: Super Hyped Products Edition-IT Cosmetics Review

Nadine Baggott is one of my beauty gurus, her word is gospel. She brought It Cosmetics to my attention a long time ago but I had not tried them yet. Then, I found what I thought was a great value set at QVC UK, priced at £49.98 and I pounced at the chance. For the price, you get £116's worth of products. You can buy the set here: https://bit.ly/2Lq6CoQ

The set includes the following:

1. the CC Illumination Color Correcting Illuminating Full Coverage Cream SPF50 (32ml)

2. Heavenly Luxe Silver Complexion Perfection Brush

3. The legendary Superhero mascara (of one Nadine's favourites)

4. The Je Ne Sais Quoi face palette (24.6g)

I wore these for three full days in different weather conditions, ranging from dry and sunny to soaking humidity and rain. I have a very good idea of what each product does.

Let's dissect, shall we?

1. the CC Illumination Color Correcting Illuminating Full Coverage Cream SPF50 (32ml):

Opening scene: This was amazing to apply; smooth, seamless, skin-like and light.

Main Act: You can build this up to a satisfying, medium coverage and you only need a small amount. It contains antioxidants and and SPF of 50. This is so superbly formulated that I can't detect the SPF in it at all.

Plot Twist: I would only recommend it for dry skin types. Regular or oily will not enjoy it, as it crosses the line from dewy to oily even before you set it. I would like to remind you that this is available also in its regular (non-illuminating) version, suitable for those types. But when I set this with the palette's setting powder, it gave me a luminous, well-rested face, I just needed to blot quite a bit throughout the day.

Denouement: Everyone can enjoy this amazing, multi-tasking formula- just as long as you pick the right version for you. I shall be purchasing the regular version of this ASAP.

2. Heavenly Luxe Silver Complexion Perfection Brush:

In the words of the wise Borat, WAWAWEEWA. This is genius for buffing in your foundation and concealer. I have used this with my other foundations and it works just as well. What I found amazing with this set, is that for the regular retail price of this brush alone, you get so many products to try.

3. The legendary Superhero mascara (of one Nadine's favourites):

This is indeed a beautiful mascara. It lengthens and curls, in a very chic way. I find it doesn't volumise as much, at least not without clumping in the end. Let me correct that: after using L'Oréal's Unlimited mascara (another of Nadine's finds), I am used to MEGAWATT volume and length. But Unlimited didn't give me the separation I wanted. So, I use both and get the perfect lash. Superhero first, Unlimited Second. I know this is not ideal and that this should be a one-product step but a) I hate waste and b) the combination of the two is out-of-this-world. Anything for a good lash, right?

4. The Je Ne Sais Quoi face palette (24.6g):

This is your face powders sorted: setting powder, bronzer, blusher, highlighter. The setting powder is genius; it rivals Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush powder. You know CT is like a religion to me, so I don't say this lightly. The powder is very finely milled; it illuminates, mattifies and sets, all done brilliantly. You literally cannot apply too much, it never cakes. The blusher is a reliable, versatile, universally flattering, medium-toned pink flush. The highlighter is superb: a very natural sheen (no glitter silliness here). It can be built to a more striking effect, but is best in its lit-from-within, regular finish. I feel lukewarm about the bronzer. It's fine, don't get me wrong. But it is just a tad more warm-toned than I like. I contour with my bronzer and this is borderline appropriate for this use. It does the job satisfyingly nonetheless. In the photo below, I use the entire palette. I like everything, they are solid performers. I also used the bronzer for the eyes. The result was good but blendability was not great and the eyes faded thoughout the day. While this is not an eyeshadow, I wanted to see if you can travel with this palette alone and cover all your needs. The answer is yes.

I am very happy with this set, as I got a very good feel for the brand. If you have dry skin, this is absolutely recommended.

If you have regular, combination or oily skin you'll only enjoy the three products but not the CC cream- which is still an excellent deal if you need a luxurious face brush, mascara and face palette.

The CC+ Your Most Radiant Skin Collection four-piece set is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2LgSXjD

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