• Anastasia Pentias

ΤΒΝ: Fragrance Lust Edition- Zoologist Perfumes

I'm so late in the Zoologist game, I can't believe I haven't smelled anything from this intriguing house. The Canadian brand shook things up in niche perfumery because of two unique selling points. Firstly, their quirky premise: they are inspired by animals and their habitat, the scents in their environment. Secondly, their highly collectible bottles. Of course, proof is in the pudding: they have been nominated and have won awards for the actual perfumes. USPs aside, that is the true strength of their work.

Their perfumes are named after the respective animal of inspiration: Elephant, Nightingale, Moth, Bat, Civet, Dragonfly, Panda, Macaque etc.

Answering the question 'wow, what is that smell?' is risqué when you're wearing Beaver of course, but the juice inside is reportedly divine and THAT BOTTLE. Illustrator Daisy Chan's work is amazing.

After careful examination of notes, my wishlist is: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Elephant, Civet, Panda, Nightingale, Hummingbird and Macaque. They offer great travel sets where you can pick your own selection (https://www.zoologistperfumes.com/collections/zoologist-travel-sprays). Perfect.

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*photos via https://www.zoologistperfumes.com/

**If you want to know more about Zoologist, check out the brand owner's interviews to Fragrantica's brilliant Miguel Matos and Sergey Borisov by following the links:



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