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TBN: Winter Skin Saviours- Gel Moisturisers

I used to suffer from severe acne for 10 years, so gel moisturisers were my best friend for a long time. Back then, gel formulas were the best alternative for oily skin, because creams, even non-comedogenic ones, tended to break you out with new pimples. Then I grew older and craved a richer formula for my aging skin, so I abandoned gel moisturisers.

Something has happened with this sort of product in recent years. I attribute it to the very sophisticated lab work that has been done with hyaluronic molecules and peptides, but gels are no longer the light versions of their cream counterparts. They are not intended only for oily skin, no. They address all skins that need super-charged moisture. Gels are not the lightweights of moisturisers these days; they are the power-houses.

Proof is in the pudding and the efficacy of these super-gels is proven by my consistent habit of recent years: every time the weather gets colder, every time I need more of everything to protect my skin from harsh elements, I switch to a super-gel in the mornings. After morning cleansing, I apply a few drops of facial oil and top it off with a gel moisturiser. Compared to creams, they moisturise my skin much more efficiently. More importantly, they keep your skin plump all day long, even in low temperatures. I'll switch back to a cream when the weather gets more temperate. Here are three gel moisturisers I swear by, great for any skin type:

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1. Darphin Hydraskin Light: I could sing songs about this, it's easily one of the best things to ever touch my skin. The Rich version (although also a very good cream) is, surprisingly, less moisturising for me; one would expect the opposite. Get the Light version and team it with a good serum. Internationally, it is available to buy, among others, at Space NK: https://bit.ly/2EhY5mi. If you're buying in the Greek market, look for it online, because it's often found greatly discounted at several pharmacy websites, usually at 23 euros. You're set for winter, you're welcome.

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2. Belif Aqua Bomb: This is a moisture legend for good reason. It's so lush yet so light and delivers all day. I also LOVE the eye cream and the Hungarian Water Essence from this line. It's available to buy at Sephora: https://bit.ly/2UJRwi8

3. Saturday Skin Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream: this is packed with peptides and is stellar under makeup. Could I be so bold as to say that you could skip primer altogether? All I know is that when I apply this or Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, I have amazing skin makeup that lasts until you take it off. It is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2EhUPY5

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