• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Comfortable Liquid Lip Edition- Fenty Stunna Lip Paint Review

I have a lot of respect for Fenty as a brand. It stands for everything good in the beauty world. Their range includes useful, high-quality basics, at a reasonable price point, as honest as they come. I had only tried their Flyliner which I like, but don't love. My Clinique Pretty Easy Eyeliner is still queen.

I had read excellent things about their liquid lipsticks and wanted to try them out. I went for the most versatile (and I suspect most popular) colour, a deep, dusty rose called 'Uncuffed' (these sexually suggestive product names have got to go already, they're older than I am).

photo via https://bit.ly/2Uthwh

There's a learning curve with every new formula you try, but I didn't like how liquid this formula is, I made a mess of the outline and smeared my teeth as well. So apply this slowly at first, you'll master it soon enough. The applicator is weird but it works! It hugs the lips and helps you apply quickly. If you make a mistake, fret not. This takes a few minutes to set, so you can correct anything you like. It's even better if you blot with paper in the end. It then sets and stays put for hours. It's excellent with drinks, completely budge-proof, but it doesn't survive a meal. Even then, it fades evenly, so you can reapply at your leisure at the end of your meal, without worrying you look like you're falling apart. There's no need for lip liner, this is excellent on its own. It does not dry the lips in the least. As seen in the photo below, it makes your lips look bigger (always a plus).

As liquid lipsticks go, this is excellent. My favourite is still the KIKO Unlimited Double Touch, because it literally stays on all day, and you feel as you have nothing on your lips. But Fenty scored major points with this one, and I'm itching to get its fire-engine red colour next.

The Fenty Stunna Lip Paint is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2UthwhB

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