• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: 'Nude' Lips Edition- Lime Crime Matte Velvetines in Cashmere Review

'Nude' has been the most popular makeup buzzword this year, with everyone offering their own interpretation of it. Huda Kattan named her new eyeshadow palette the New Nude Palette, even though the colours are less 'nude' and more 'fabulous' (mental note: get this blingin' amazing palette).

The whole thing started with lips (something to do with Kim Kardashian, as it always does) that seemed to balance out the drag makeup de rigeur (again, thanks Kim Kardashian). This modern definition of nude, is not rose-petal, natural, flushed lips- on no. It's cancelled-out lips. The colours are almost the same as your foundation colour (beige, sand etc) and, naturally, are as flattering as putting foundation on your lips. Eck.

I needed to investigate- if all the cool kids are doing it, you know how it goes. I got the Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere, a favourite on Instagram. I photographed it in daylight because it's obviously intended for a day look, as seen in the photos below. My sour face says it all.

I find this lip look morbid, quite frankly. I don't enjoy looking dead. My whole thing with makeup is to bring out what I already have, to lift my spirit and mood, to give me an oomph in the morning. And if that makes me too vanilla for current trends, that's fine; I already knew I'm older. I found this so utterly pointless, that I was too pissed off to take a normal picture.

In other news, the formula of Velvetines was dry, yes, but bulletproof. IT DOES NOT LEAVE YOUR LIPS, even if you want it to. If you're after something like that (different strokes for different folks and all), you might like this.

'Nude' lips. Dead and buried. Case closed.

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